Florescence Installation with Ace Berry

Florescence Installation with Ace Berry

An explanation of the 2023 Florescence as told by Ace Berry of Ace in Full Bloom.

Florescence began in 1995 and is held in Houston, Texas at the Museum of Fine Art hosted by the Garden Clubs of America. Every Florescence incorporates several classes of floral design, botanical arts, horticultural specimens and horticultural design. While many of the participants interpret paintings from all over the world, many just create floral art. Most of the Florescence designers are asked to participate by invitation. I had an intriguing concept that I wanted to propose to the committee and was able to have a conversation with the museum and the Chairperson of Florescence.

My idea was to bring floral art outside the museum versus only seeing floral art within the walls of the exhibit. I wanted to create an installation that would welcome everyone before they walked through the doors and give them a taste of what they could expect before entering inside. This year’s Florescence theme was metamorphosis! I wanted to create a piece that personified the theme using Accent Decor’s Newport Bowl and Newport Column. My concept was titled, Ascending. I wanted it to transform – to celebrate all of the bumps, bruises, scars and the imperfections that we have as people. I want people to be celebrated for who they are, and to remember that those bumps, those bruises, those scars – are what made you, you. 

Meet Ace
You may have recently seen Ace Berry, owner of Ace in Full Bloom, on HBO’s TV show Full Bloom. Berry is also the owner and lead design of Fulshear Floral Design in Houston, Texas. Ace In Full Bloom provides educational floral design workshops and training at conferences and other events nationwide. Ace is passionate about sharing his expertise and knowledge of the floral industry with other floral professionals to help grow the floral industry. From floral design basics, to the latest trends, and even business tips and tricks, Ace is ready to share his passion with you to help you grow your business!


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