Meet the Female Artists Behind Our Empowerment Col...

Meet the Female Artists Behind Our Empowerment Collection

With cheerful color choices and cheeky catchphrases, our Empowerment collection evokes the best of everyone and everything that inspires us. A reminder that the world gets better and stronger when we draw a wider circle and embrace diversity by every measure. Hand-drawn finishes, rich colors, smooth ceramics, and thoughtful details all contribute to a focus on the people who inspire us the most. Meet the two talented artists who collaborated with our team on these products. Together, we have created a collection designed to celebrate mothers and women everywhere, activists, community members, neighbors, friends.

Meet: Diana Yvette Sanchez, Mind & Corazón Creative @mindandcorazon
I am a Mexican-American visual artist known for illustrations and designs that celebrate Latinx culture and being a woman of color. Being able to translate feelings into a visual form helps me connect with others that share some of the same experiences and passions. For as long as I can remember, creating has been a big part of how I interact with the world. Through the years my medium of choice has shifted from photography to graphic design and illustration but my inspirations have always been my loved ones, my culture and the experiences that light me up a little bit inside!

My work is fun and fresh but can also be very meaningful. Cute, a little edgy and with a lot of heart. Con corazon! I think art is always a little piece of the creators themselves so you’ll see all the things I personally love in my work. Being the oldest daughter of a traditional household I did sometimes have to deal with the double standards of being a woman. Fighting against the unwritten rules my whole life have made me a feminist and definitely add a component of that to everything I make.

Working on the Empowerment collection for Accent Decor definitely lit that little spark of excitement and inspiration because I felt like I was creating for myself or for one of my girls! I think now more than ever women are realizing how much power there is in loving yourself and celebrating each other.

The Empowerment Pot is my favorite because the colors look so great together. I spent time making sure the image of the fist was powerfully feminine and picking colors that represented a range of gorgeous skin tones. The whole set can symbolize unity while a single one can show individuality. All side by side or just as one they’re beautiful – just like us!

Empowerment Pot

I also love the Water Your Roots Pot because of how you can see into the container itself. Growth is not always just on the surface but at the root itself as well. As a plant lady and a Mexican-American woman, roots are important!

Water Your Roots Pot

Meet: Sylvia Smith, Sylvia Draws, @sylvia_draws
I love to create designs that make people smile! I work as a freelance product designer and illustrator, and I also have my own line of products that I create and sell through my business, Sylvia Draws. I am a proud “mom-trepreneur” and even though it is often a challenge to juggle being a mom and having my own business, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I truly love what I do and that it allows me the flexibility to spend more time with my son.

With the items I created for this collection, I wanted to emphasize that the differences between us are what makes each individual person unique and interesting, and that these differences should be celebrated!

Be You Plant Sticks

I love the Japanese term wabi-sabi, which describes the thought that there is beauty in imperfection. I wanted these products to feel human and a little bit imperfect, so the text is handwritten using amorphous shapes and mixes of script and block letters. The illustrated elements are kept loose with little to no line-work. While the collection utilizes a lot of earth tones, the pops of color are bright and add an impactful punch to really bring the theme of Empowerment for All to life.

I love the Everybody Pot not only because it was so fun to create the pattern on the piece, but also because the sentiment behind the product is so powerful. In my life and career, so many women empowered me to believe that I can do anything…that I can be a mom and run my own business, that I can speak up for myself and for my work, and that I am valued and appreciated. Supporting each other is one of the most powerful things that women can do for each other.

Everybody Pot


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