Introducing Our Fall | Winter 2022 Trends

Introducing Our Fall | Winter 2022 Trends

As we move into the future, emerging from the past through change and transformation, we have curated stories that build beautiful moments from every day to extraordinary. This season, our stories offer fresh styles and innovative design rooted in the abiding truth of the beauty to be found all around and within us. 

Finding inspiration where the sea meets the land, the Shoreline story embraces cool tones met by warm textures with an abundance of natural beauty. As the sea and moon both cycle through phases, so too we are informed and inspired by the cyclical movements of the world around us. What’s old becomes new, seasons shift, tides recede, we are renewed. Celebrate winter at the sea with this collection featuring an abundance of glass paired with soft colors and tactile finishes, designed and collected to evoke the stark beauty of the shore.

Form & Function
Good design lasts forever. By focusing on both the form and the function of each piece, this story celebrates the beauty of design that also works with you. Simple silhouettes, clean lines, and smart design come together to create an innovative collection of pots and planters for today’s modern plant parent. Showcase unique plants, propagate new life, and unveil sculptural florals grounded in simple and unique pieces that know how to pivot.

With cheerful color choices and cheeky catchphrases, our Empowerment collection evokes the best of everyone and everything that inspires us. A reminder that the world gets better and stronger when we draw a wider circle and embrace diversity by every measure. Hand-drawn finishes, rich colors, smooth ceramics, and thoughtful details all contribute to a focus on the people who inspire us the most. Together with our team of talented collaborators, we have created a collection designed to celebrate mothers and women everywhere, activists, community members, neighbors, friends.


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