Behind the Products with Ian Prosser

After a year of being apart, the world is ready to come back together and celebrate. With newfound creativity and enthusiasm, our new Fall | Winter Event Collection this season offers pieces to craft events that are stylish and innovative, featuring nostalgia and modern glamour in equal measure.
This season, we partnered with Ian Prosser of Botanica International Design Studio, to design various new Fall Event products. Versatile, thoughtful and designed with pros in mind, we’re certain you’ll be enchanted with this exciting, new collection.
Read on as we chat with Ian about these pieces…

How did the conversation start?
Quite organically actually. When the Ceremony Stand was originally created I mentioned that a pedestal should be made to complement the stand and have the option to sell it as a set. The Product Development team decided to produce it and it was successful. This is what really got the conversation going. I bring an event design perspective that comes from both experience and practicality. My mindset is to think of what I could use that I don’t have on hand that would enhance my inventory and be useful for others in the industry, as well.
My concepts all started with one small stand that could accommodate candles and create an elevated tabletop container. Things that were already in existence but could be elevated. I thought of the Athena Candlestick and what if we could make the plate larger, and make a place in the middle for taper candles? This would allow for you to create a variety of looks all with one product. Thus, the genesis of the Argyle Candleholder – easily my favorite piece from the collection. This is an excellent aisle or alter option that would lead to continuity between the ceremony and the reception.

Explain the design process for these pieces.
While in Tampa, I was sketching some ideas and came to Atlanta and met with the PD team. We went through my ideas and from there it was a free flowing conversation that allowed more ideas to bubble. Shapes changed, heights shifted, we thought through delivery + practicality components. We also took floral foam in consideration for those who use Oasis and to allow room for excess water.

Which product are you the most excited about?
Like I said before, the Argyle Stands are my favorite. They have a twenty inch top that sets an eighteen inch floral foam wreath. This allows for designers to create offsite and then transport separately and assemble once at the venue.

Caston Collection

The black offering of the Caston Collection is really exciting. There’s a desire for this sultry floral palette right now that really deserves a darker container versus silver or gold. No need to spray paint! And there’s a pedestal to match!
I had suggested the concept of the gates and it was a lovely collaboration with Natasha [Product Design + Development Director], who expanded on my thoughts and landed on the modern design of the Puzzle Archway.


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