AD Faves with Event Designer, The Flower Guy Bron

AD Faves with Event Designer, The Flower Guy Bron

We love hearing from our customers and friends as they share which Accent Decor items are their tried and true favorites. We recently spoke with Bron Hansboro regarding his most used and sought after Accent Decor pieces.

But first, a little about Bron! An award-winning floral and event designer, Bron Hansboro has devoted his career to navigating clients through the creative process and transforming their visions into exquisite events since 2014. Fondly referred to as “The Flower Guy,” he is the lead creative and floral designer at The Flower Guy Bron. He provides bespoke design and styling experiences for weddings and events of all types. Bron deeply values his interactions with clients and peers alike, and understands the power of making connections through design. His motto is, “We don’t sell flowers, we sell experiences.” Bron has been working with Accent Decor products since the inception of his company and we couldn’t be more thrilled for him to share his knowledge and love for our products.


The Baleri Compote works perfectly in any application. It gives an embellished touch with its polished finish, but also works well for understated uses.


The Brentmore Stand gives me the perfect base to create suspended looks towering down estate tables. Its minimalist design blends seamlessly into the background and allows the flowers to be showcased.


These Dolce Votives make up the majority of my votive collection. The slight sparkle and texture add value to every tabletop.


The Luxe Votive makes up the second half of my standard votive arsenal. The mercury glass finish and shorter height than the Dolce make these two pieces work perfectly together


I refer to the Garnier Vase as my ‘Rolls Royce’ equivalency. The crystal cuts add a touch of luxury, and with it being clear glass, works with just about any color palette.


A major compliment to luxe tall centerpiece designs, the Majesty Vase is substantial and supports the weight of massive centerpieces with elegance and timeless beauty.


The trendy Melrose Vase option is perfect for the design that is edgy and artistic. I find myself gravitating to them for fine art style designs.


When blush and rose gold are must-haves, Moet is certainly my go-to vase option. The metallic finish is highly polished and works perfectly for noth moody and bright designs.

Watch + listen as Bron walks through best practices when using a large glass centerpiece like our Bespoke Vase. Bron also notes additional Accent Decor favorites like our Trophy Urn, Melrose Pot and Baleri Compote.


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