Canaan Marshall’s Picks

We recently partnered with event designer, Canaan Marshall, on a curated collection of his favorite Accent Decor pieces that he loves for both intimate and lavish affairs.
Canaan Marshall is a Southern floral designer whose joie de vivre is evident in his passion for event and floral design. An old soul, he has a natural knack for all things growing and green. He is best known as the vibrant, young fellow to turn your everyday into elegant.
Woven into all that he touches is Canaan’s intoxicating energy that makes one want to celebrate each event as if it were the last. He makes extraordinary appear simple, yet always with a fabulous, fun and often over-the-top flair. From Macon to Atlanta and beyond, Canaan is known for his gorgeous tablescapes, over-the-top mantels, and breathtaking bridal bouquets.

Evolution Vase

I would use sago palms, red ginger, birds of paradise, palm leaves, and king protea in the Evolution Vase. Pulling this floral palette together would create a beautiful tropical arrangement, which would contrast well with this dark container.

Trophy Urn

The Trophy Urn is a product that I absolutely love. I have been using this at weddings for a while now and it’s been known to turn heads! I always fill it with over the top branches and florals.

Astro Collection

I love using the Astro with a collection of hydrangeas, spray roses, O’Hara roses, lilies, and some ferns. This is a great centerpiece for bistro tables or registration tables at parties and other events.

Giselle Vase

The Giselle is such a great container – I love to fill with peonies or tulips. The bottleneck opening allows for a large, overhanging arrangement.

Newport Planter

I love to place the Newport Planter on a farm table because it’s low and people can still see one another at dinner. I would use flowers like hydrangeas, roses, tulips, and lilies. A colorful arrangement or a simple green and white composition works well here depending on your preferred palette.

Tasse Bowl

The Tasse is a great bowl to fill with lemons and place in the kitchen. You can also use phalaenopsis orchids with moss or air plants and curly willow.
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