Our Commitment to Black Lives Matter

Our Commitment to Black Lives Matter

Build community through empathy.

One of our core values here at Accent Decor is building community through empathy. But what does it mean to truly build community through empathy? To us, it means listening to the perspectives of others. Listening in order to understand what a person is experiencing, and how a person is feeling. When we are willing to listen and learn, it brings us closer together, builds trust, and that is what fosters a true community.

Focused listening will teach us that racism and systemic injustice are weeds deeply rooted in this country. A weed that has been growing for over 400 years isn’t going to change overnight. It will require long-term action. Accent Decor stands in solidarity with the Black community, and we are committed to doing our part and taking action to change the systems and perspectives that brought us to this point.

Accent Decor will continue to listen and learn in order to build community through empathy. We hope you will do the same. Read our action plan below which details our commitment to fight systemic racism in our organization, industry and country. Together, we can build a more beautiful community and a more equitable world; a world in which everyone recognizes that Black Lives Matter.

  • Accent Decor will make continuous, long-term donations to organizations that push for systemic change.
    • Accent Decor donated $5,000 to Campaign Zero, an organization that funds research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America. Accent Decor donates 6% of our profits annually. As we consider future organizations to support, we will continue to focus on supporting organizations that promote anti-racism

  • Accent Decor commits to remaining focused on diversity and inclusion at the leadership level.
    • We believe that companies are more successful when diverse perspectives are considered. The right business decision is also the right moral decision.

  • Accent Decor will donate 5% of sales of our best-selling Celfie Collection to organizations that empower women of color.
    • Our Celfie Collection celebrates the diversity and beauty of women throughout the world. Do you know an organization that empowers women of color that we should be contributing to? Please share it with us at

  • Accent Decor will partner with more black floral designers for photoshoots, showroom installations, and additional contracted work.
    • We want to support the many talented black floral artists in our community. The list of designers we have partnered with in the past doesn’t reflect the nation’s population and we commit to changing that. Are you a black florist interested in working with us? Send your portfolio to

  • Accent Decor will promote diversity and inclusivity within industry organizations.
    • We see a lack of diversity within industry organizations. We commit to be a part of changing that landscape and creating an environment throughout conferences, webinars, publications, etc. that is inclusive.

  • Accent Decor commits to finding and supporting organizations within our industry that are already promoting inclusivity and anti-racism.
    • We want to support and partner with organizations that are already doing good work the right way. Does your organization fit the description above? Do you know of one? Please share it with us at

  • Accent Decor will create a monthly feature to highlight a minority artist or designer.
    • We will bring attention to important talents within our industry. We will celebrate them on social media and on our blog.

  • Accent Decor will foster dialogue of inclusivity and understanding within our team via intentional content in our company newsletter and internal resources.
    • We will add an “Inclusivity Corner” in our company newsletterwhich will offer books, documentaries, IG accounts, and other resources that ensure we are hearing messages from diverse voices.
    • Accent Decor will add a “Listen and Learn” column in our company newsletter. Two of our team members with different backgrounds and different roles within the company will interview one another in the hopes that new perspectives will be learned.

  • Accent Decor remains focused to diversity in our hiring practices
    • We have an immediate opportunity on our design team and would like to bring a wider range of perspectives to the design room. Are you a product designer interested in contract work? Please send your resume and portfolio to

We acknowledge these are the initial steps of a much longer, significant journey as individuals and as an organization. We welcome all feedback and critique on how Accent Decor can improve addressing racism in our work moving forward.


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