Our 2020 Outdoor Collection

Accent Decor is both inspired and informed by the beauty of the outside world. This season, we had a mission to expand our outdoor offerings to highlight that beauty and inspiration. By introducing over 50 new products in innovative lightweight materials and unique, textured finishes, everyone can find the perfect piece for their patio or event.

Reformation Planter

Suggested use under a covered area. These products can be used outdoors, but should not be left out from season to season. We recommend enjoying them under a covered patio area and not in direct contact with the weather.

Avalon Pot

Outdoor use. Indicates that this piece has been specifically designed for outdoor use, and will be able to withstand the elements.

Bandani Pot

Drainage hole with plug. These pieces include a drainage hole and a plug, meaning it can used outdoors with ease, or plugged for use either indoors or for meeting each plant’s specific watering needs.,

Acadia Pot

Freeze / frost resistant. These pieces are crafted specifically to withstand the wear-and-tear caused by freeze and frost, meaning they will withstand several freeze-thaw cycles without being destroyed or damaged by the material absorbing water that then freezes.

Juni Vase

Lightweight. Our lightweight products are crafted using innovative techniques to ensure both durability and maximum weight reduction.

Nellie Pot

Drainage hole. Piece includes a drainage hole, allowing for ease of watering and specifically useful for outdoor use.

Mix and match pieces from our versatile outdoor collection to create an one-of-a-kind oasis. Sneak away to a modern patio, a bohemian getaway, or an everyday escape in the midst of the bustle of life. Surround yourself with light and green, sprouted from stylish containers in sleek silhouettes and unique finishes.


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