Details x Accent Decor

Details x Accent Decor

We have hit the ground running in 2020: over 500 new products have launched, we’ve shared three new trend stories we hope will inspire our customers, redesigned the navigation features on our website to enhance discoverability – and that was just in the first six days!
In addition to these updates, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Details. Details Flowers Software organizes, inspires and connects the floral industry in so many unique ways. They organize both the retail and design side, promote inspiring educational training to shape the industry while connecting growers and florists in their marketplace.
We love how the Details software allows florists to do a variety of things:

  • Create dynamic, customizable proposals and quick turnaround
  • Create, calculate, and close events
  • Customize portfolios and resources
  • Calculate pricing and profits with historical tracking
  • Explore Guiding Principles and best practices

It became obvious pretty quickly that our core values and mission within the floral industry aligned with those of Details: passion, courage, teamwork, sincerity, creativity, optimism, and empathy. While ours are: do the right thing, pursue originality, embrace and drive change, respect every person, give generously, build community through empathy, and infuse passion in all we do. Did we just become new best friends?

“We are thrilled to partner with Details, a company we consider as a leader in the floral-tech space,” says Sarah Bagle, Accent Decor’s Creative Director, “Partnering with like-minded companies, whose mission and values are aligned with ours is mission-critical. Their streamlined solution allows business owners to manage their day-to-day with ease. With the infusion of our products, we aim to inspire both their customers and new professionals alike.”

This exciting new partnership will allow Details users to automatically suggest, order and keep track of their Accent Decor inventory all in one place. Streamlining the ability to go from concept to proposal to order in one swoop.

Corrine Heck, CEO & Founder of Details says, “For years I dreamed of a total solution that – as an event designer – would bring together all of the integral pieces of my events in one space.  With this new feature and partnership, that dream is now a reality.  We are excited to help our current and future customers save time and produce even more beautiful events with greater ease.  With AD’s featured products and availability, the inspirations are now instantly at their fingertips and designs are seamlessly created.  It’s pure magic for a floral designer!”  

Be sure to check out everything Details has to offer here.


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