PD Picks: Fall / Winter 2019

Earlier this summer, we sat down with members of our Product Development team to get their insights on what they’re loving in our Fall / Winter 2019 collection. Nothing better than hearing what those who dream up our pieces are currently crushing on and why! Read on for a little insight into the products, where they come from and why those behind the items are looking forward to shopping them!

Sarah’s Picks

Sarah, our Creative Director
Another Dream Framed Art – First and foremost we are so lucky to work with Jessica Hiemstra, give her direction and see what comes of it. This was an opportunity to question the perspectives of the past and offer something new and different. This piece personifies a chance for hope for women’s empowerment.
Cane Basket – We know that baskets are super on trend especially with a SoCal twist. These have added personality with the embroidery details paired with a unique shape.
Untamed Collection – I love the playful spirit of these items translated through the brushwork.

Lauren’s Picks

Lauren, our Product Development Director
Eden Plant Sticks – When Jess put pen to paper we fell in love with the movement of each individual item. I was skeptical as to what our factories would be able to execute with all of the details and was pleasantly surprised. This is an innovative product that will allow customers to accessorize.
Ceremony Stand – The metal line work is truly beautiful. I feel that this piece will provide endless opportunities for designers.
Formation Collection – Seeing Jess’s original art and seeing it come to life through our vendors has been really rewarding. This is among my faves from our series that celebrates women!
Mystic Vase – The ‘evil eye’ is really relevant right now. I’ve always connected with it for different reasons. I am glad we’ve been able to create a few designs with this symbol.

Monique’s Picks

Monique, our Product Manager
Contentment Framed Art – This series is an ode to the different body types and shapes of women. The pieces are simple but striking. They represent a celebration of our differences.
Celeste Plant Stand – I love an elevated plant stand and enjoy this shift from the typical millennial pink. I’ve already ordered these for my new house!
Himalaya Pot – This pot looks like a painting the way our manufacturers used a reactive glaze technique to create the ombré effect.
Raintree Dish – I love that we are adding more home & gift items and this hand-painted accent piece is on of my favorites.

Shannon’s Picks

Shannon, our Product Merchandising Coordinator
Botanic Bottle – I love the versatility and simplicity of this product. Works great on a kitchen countertop or in a bathroom. I’m going to put cotton sticks in mine!
Purity Candle – White decor is my jam. I think it’s a nice touch that the lid adds to the décor. This is one of my favorite scents we developed, Daydream, it’s very soft and yummy.
Marble Cake Plate – This piece is super versatile as it serves a purpose but is also decorative.
Shero Budvase – I think this will be cute with a floral stem popped in or just on its own. Incredibly unique piece with its hand-carved figure designed by Jessica.


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