Our Showroom Floral Designers’ Top Picks: FW...

Our Showroom Floral Designers’ Top Picks: FW19

Each season we have the pleasure of working with various designers both in our showrooms and in our photo studio. We love picking their brains once they’ve worked with our new products and seeing what they’re excited to work with once they’re back in their own design studios and event spaces. Read on to find out what our summer showroom designers are loving…

Donald Yim, AIFD (Dallas Market Center Showroom)

Every designer should have an AD Leather Apron. The look is professional and clean. These come in great color choices and are long lasting!
The Birdy Pots are so cute. Just topping these off with some flowers is going to make people smile
The Ceremony Stand is the perfect compliment for a wedding, or could even be used as a flower shop display. I love items that you can use in multiple ways.

Ian Prosser, Botanica Design – AAF, AIFD, PFCI, NDSF (AmericasMart Showroom)

The Vial Chandelier I love, it’s beyond perfect for under a chuppah or structure, or several suspended from a tree or over the dance floor. Filled with flowers or foliage it’s sure to be a head-turner. 
The Helix Stand is my absolute favorite, it feels exotic to me, the legs have the feeling of animal horns. Therefore it’s uses are many, as a side table it’s perfect or it may also  be used as a plant stand and is also perfect as an elevation for a floral buffet piece.  
The Villa Lantern is another favorite of mine , the shape and size is appealing to me, whether it be used as aisle decor or table top. The lantern is big enough to accommodate candles and flowers OR could be used with a collection of bud vases inside for centerpiece, which would put a different spin on its many uses. 

Zoe Gallina, Botanica Design – AAF (AmericasMart Showroom)

The Tropical Vase is just stunning! The coloring and way that the pattern Is stamped onto the container is just beautifully done. It’s the kind of vase that you just feel compelled to buy whether or not you have a need or a place for it.
I think the Caspian Pot is a fun, more modern twist on the Chinoiserie trend that’s been happening right now. They are “neutral” enough that they could be mixed in and incorporated with the Chinoiserie pieces or stand alone.
The Denali Vase has such a beautiful silhouette and is the perfect alternative to a simple, glass vase. The shape can go either natural and organic or more modern and slightly geometric.  

Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF (Las Vegas World Market Showroom)

The Westcott Pot is a great container for many styles of design.  Love it with a tropical influence being very masculine to the soft and fluffy components with soft pink and dried materials.  It’s flexibility from fresh to plant upgrades is very beneficial for retail use. Not to mention the color is neutral yet rich for all color pallets.
Often for event work it is required to create a long centerpiece for farm tables or larger gathering tables. 
The Chez Planter works great for the center of a table of succulents or cactus to a beautiful lush fresh design.  Any time you can raise the container off the table it adds an elegance and dramatic feel.  The gold also is a universal color that fits from casual to a sophisticated event.
The Ovation Hanger is such a universal rental or display item.  I imagine this can be your structural base for any type of suspended design.  You can attach from the base or even drape from the top.  I also love the fact of being able to suspend lights, crystals and garlands, even suspend display Christmas ornaments from this for in store display presentations or use as shelf to show off stuffed animals or AD products.


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