Behind the Scenes: Wall Art with Jessica Hiemstra

Behind the Scenes: Wall Art with Jessica Hiemstra

What is your process when you’re asked to create pieces for AD?
The conversation starts with Accent Decor giving me inspiration and the backstory on what they’re wanting to accomplish. I then take this information and translate it into art and drawings – with great amounts of creative freedom. I get to play with the elements and then send things back to Lauren [Accent Decor’s Product Development Director] as I make progress along the way.
On one hand, I have to be completely comfortable being myself and maintain my integrity and my eye. However, I have to layer in and consider who is going to want these items and how do they align with AD. I make sure that everything that I make in the design stages is something I can be proud of.

How do you approach wall art versus vessels / decor?
Regardless of what I’m making I make it with the same creative verve. I want to infuse that into everything I make. I ensure that the love that I put into it from the very beginning carries all the way through to the end. I hope that the wonderment travels into the product and beyond.

Shero ; Hear Me Roar ; Formation ; Contentment

This is a theme that was woven throughout many of our FW19 pieces… Tell us more about some of our feminism pieces you had a hand in.
Well, it’s surprising how few things are out there, even in 2019 that women can look at & say ‘hey, that’s me!’. While we’ve made great strides, there are so many women who still don’t see themselves represented. The goal was to create women who are joyful, recognizable and relatable. Women just being women. Exuding contentment around our bodies and around ourselves. We hope these pieces lead to good conversation around identity and what it means to be a modern woman.

We have to ask… Which collection or characters are you partial to?
O that’s always so tough. However, I just love Formation. I love how the dishes turned out and how all of the different female shapes are represented.
For me, Intrinsic was the one that really blew me away when I saw it in person. Seeing my painting in the inside of the bowl was really moving. Overall, just seeing your art in all of these different shapes and functions is pretty remarkable.


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