Meet Our Creative Production Manager: Guillaume Du...

Meet Our Creative Production Manager: Guillaume Duvernois

Tell us a little bit about your role at Accent Decor.
I am the Creative Content Manager for AD which means I’m in charge of the graphic design team as well as our photographer. I spearhead anything print / web related when it comes to graphics both for internal and external needs.

Guilluame, “G”, and his wife Ash-Marie

What are your current favorite design trends?
Personally, my wife and I tend to gravitate towards a Plantspiration vibe – we love a bohemian style. I get a lot of my design inspiration from the 70s – overall pretty muted but with pops of color and plants. I am enjoying the revival of terrazzo – we are seeing it everywhere, even in our current collection.
From a graphic design perspective, last year’s trends are pushing this year’s trends forward. Bold colors, big typography and lots of bright gradient colors. We’ll definitely be using some of these with our AD collateral.

What is your current favorite Accent Decor product?
Like I mentioned, I gravitate towards 70s vibes so the new terrazzo pieces are among my favorites. I also enjoy anything in the Newport Collection – the concrete is timeless and fits with so many different styles and it’s a good neutral base for bright colors.

Razzo Collection

What are you most excited for our customers to see / experience in our newest catalog?
A big change that we are pushing is to capture the uniqueness of the product through our use of photography and master shots. We are wanting to demonstrate texture and depth as well as the different finishes. We hope our customers will appreciate this attention to details.

A little about you! What are your hobbies / interests outside of work?
Too many! First and foremost, I’m a big outdoorsman. I enjoy everything from fly fishing to mineral mining, camping, hiking with my wife – the list goes on! I’m also really into the arts, I paint and enjoy various forms of mixed media.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Tasmania! I lived in Sidney, Australia for two years and the school I was attending at the time hosted a field trip to Tasmania. This is actually where my geology obsession was born! I was taking a geology class and our trip was to find fossils! It was so beautiful and the wildlife there is so particular to that area that it was amazing to see. I still have so many vivid memories from that trip: we were camping and there was this giant electric eel – I’m talking huge. Of course, being teenagers we were poking and prodding it only to find out a few hours later that it could have shocked us all to death!

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Shower – I wake up 2 min before my alarm clock every day at 5am. My internal clock just knows!

Lastly, what’s been the best part – thus far – of working at Accent Decor?
The people. In all of my work experiences, I’ve never worked somewhere where everyone collectively pushes, motivates and helps one another the way we do here. I love that everyone over thanks one another – literally for the smallest things but it’s such a great environment to work in. Last but not least, working for Frank, Margaret & Sarah. Their story, mission and contributions back to society were formed on such a solid foundation that has only gotten stronger as the company has grown –  I love being a part of that.  


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