Our Showroom Floral Designers’ Top Picks

Our Showroom Floral Designers’ Top Picks

Each market season our visual merchandising team collaborates with some of the best floral designers in the industry to cultivate experiences throughout our showrooms. Coupling on-trend floral design with our products is always at the forefront of our team’s design process and layout considerations. This season we had different floral teams working in each of our three market center showrooms. We took a minute to pick their brains and see which products from our Spring / Summer 2019 Collection had them excited. Read on to see what they had to say…

Rick Davis & Chris Vazquez from Amaryllis Designs, AmericasMart Showroom

Vintage Iron Scale

We love the Vintage Iron Scale. It’s a unique nostalgic artifact with so much character. We would envision using some attractive ferns, fruits, pods, even coffee beans to stage in a retail shop that incorporated a rustic modern vibe. 

Avant Garde Planter

The Avante Garde Planter is chic and modern. Architecturally sexy! Perfect for a hotel or boutique filled with exotic anthereum and grasses or the ubiquitous white phaleonopsis orchid. We can’t wait to work with this sharp vessel.

Venture Stand

The Venture Stand is sleek and handsome… simple but refined. It has both a terrarium and utility-vase like style that we find very appealing. The stand elevates the vase.  We would love to fill it up with a mass of long French tulips.

Donald Yim, AIFD + CFD , Dallas Market Center Showroom

Expressions Collection

The Expressions Collection is such a funky design, I love it for the look, it’s so much fun. Reminds me of morning hair, it just puts a smile on your face!

Lolly Unicorn Planter

The Lolly Unicorn Planter is a trendy container that everyone will love. Beautiful, petite with plenty of magic!

Zemora Vase

The Zemora Vase has so much texture, the feeling in your hands is incredible. The style is classic for all occasions, weddings, sympathy, etc. with extra volume to make a big impact.

Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD + AAF + PFCI +AzMF, Las Vegas Market

Brick Mould Rack

The Brick Mould Rack has such a visual impact and makes quite an impression, especially when you add succulents and orchids.  It can be used for display or an amazing statement piece. 

Stria Collection

I look forward to designing in the Stria Collection. Any time you have a compote style container it uplifts any design you create.  What I like most is the striking pattern and boldness that would support and enhance any color palette of a design.

Avant Garde Planter

The Avant Garde Planter has so many possibilities.  As a designer you can expand and extend the design or even dish garden by attaching and weaving materials through the outer metal frame work.


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