How To: Atlanta Showroom Café

How To: Atlanta Showroom Café

One of the most talked about features in our AmericasMart showroom this season were the mounted pots and plants accenting our café area. We’ve had many customers ask how to recreate the look so we asked our Visual Merchandising Director, Becky Hillis, to share the details with us.

Products used:
Artsi Vase
Tegan Pot & Vase
Cacti Pot
Haven Vase

Tools needed:
– Drill
– Ceramic drill bit
– Anchors
– White washers
– White screws

1. Drill holes in the bottom of the pots utilizing a ceramic drill bit
2. Map out where pots will live on the wall ; studs are not necessary for hanging
3. Place anchors in wall
4. Thread washer on screw ; insert into newly drilled hole at bottom of pot
5. Attach to wall using drill, ensuring screw and washer are flush with the bottom of the pot, and the pot with the wall

For planting: Simply use drop-in size ferns, succulents, etc. keeping in the plants in their plastic containers. Mist with spray bottle for watering, or take plants out and water separately if they are thirsty!


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