Showroom Details: Fall / Winter 2018

Our showrooms are newly filled with our Fall / Winter 2018 Collection! We took a walk around our headquarters’ showroom in Norcross, Georgia with our Visual Merchandising Director, Becky, to learn more about the merchandising components featured throughout our showrooms.

Our Voltage trend is filled with our large glass event pieces along with a vast majority of our gold products. This area of the showroom is flanked with aquamarine and electric orange brushstrokes glistening on plexiglass – this detail is easy to emulate with various colors of acrylic paint. Hanging from the ceiling are our Global Wire Spheres which are available for purchase on our website and are easy to assemble! We added the element of light into this section by welding steel rods and mounting Edison lightbulbs on the ends to create the ultimate industrial effect.

Walking through the showroom into our Ombra series, customers will experience many of our handmade pieces, ceramics, pottery, and woven baskets — earthier elements. Our visuals team created different hanging aspects throughout the trend story with an assortment of baskets [Simona, Yaya, Pintado] from our collection. Some baskets are merely laced and draped among an array of nautical ropes while others have been hung with a light kit allowing for them to become light fixtures! An extra layer of art was added by creating two types of artwork: hand-painted rope art in various shades as well as broken pot art [Hammond, Demi, Whisker, London] allowing for additional texture. Shoppers will be excited to see installations constructed with cedar shims – over 3,000 per showroom! – designed to mimic brushstrokes.


Further exploring the showroom – our Musée AD story is filled with our extensive garden and outdoor pieces peeking between foliage art and playful museum sketches. All of the plants and ‘statues’ are original watercolors by our concept artist Jessica Hiemstra. These designs were then hi-res scanned and printed onto ultraboard which allowed them to stand up among the showroom.


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