Sarah’s Favorites: Fall / Winter 2018

Sarah’s Favorites: Fall / Winter 2018

As we launch new collections, we always like to take a moment to pick our Creative Director, Sarah’s, brain to find out which items are among her favorites. She is one of the few who sees the product development process from start to finish. She is also among the team of individuals who handpicks what makes it into our catalogs / showrooms / website and ultimately into our customer’s hands!

Unicorn: That iridescent finish is so on-trend right now. The Unicorn vase would add just the right amount of sheen as an unexpected compliment to a textured floral arrangement.

Biltmore: The Biltmore Stand provides the structure for an elevated table runner, a statement piece at any wedding.

Cheyenne: Plant stands are everywhere as we all strive to bring the outdoors in. I love the handmade terracotta pots that sit in these stylish stands.

Grand Vela: These stonecast planters are lightweight but do heavy-lifting on design. The textured finish and muted white color would sit as the perfect addition to an outdoor living space.

Tasse: The pattern on the Tasse bowl is added by the hands of potters in Portugal. That added detail brings texture and leaves me with a craving to plant a succulent garden for my coffee table.

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