#BTS: AD Educate

Here at Accent Decor, we believe in sustaining a well-rounded family team, with a continual focus on growth and innovation. We desire each of our team members to fully understand and participate in the work we are doing from start to finish: from factory to customer’s doorstep.
To this end, we have created a new internal program at Accent Decor called AD Educate. The goal of AD Educate is to help the whole team come into a fuller understanding of the work we do and the reasons we do it. We are especially passionate about flowers and creating beauty in the world, and we share and extend that passion to everyone who plays a role in the Accent Decor family.

AD Educate series lead by Joyce Mason-Monheim (AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AZMF)

Accent Decor employees using our Norah Bowl to create their own blooming plant gardens


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