Mother’s Day 2018 Collection

Mother’s Day 2018 Collection

This Mother’s Day (and every Mother’s Day) we are celebrating all of the many kinds of moms out there. Holistic moms, inked moms, chic moms, Latina moms, dance moms, fashionista moms, vino moms, biker moms, dog moms, preggo moms, stepmoms… the list goes on. We believe in the power of motherhood and that all mothers should be honored for who they are and everything they do for us. Our collection recognizes that your mom made you – so you can make her day!
An enchanting staircase overflowing with vases of all shapes and sizes with a multitude of options for every mom. Textured glass moments with our Loren Glass collection, purple hues with our Viola and Trudy Vases, and glimpses of milky glass with our Draper collection and Plume Vase.


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