2018 Spring Summer Collection

Our 2018 collection strives to marry form and function, striking a delicate balance between trend-conscious style and timeless classics. Seasonal trends tell a unique story while working together within an overall narrative. Pair pieces from different stories to write new trends and craft a unique presence all your own.

Study of Flowers

“We were taken with the many stages of a flower’s life,” explains our Creative Director, Sarah Bagle, “and how each phase possessed a unique beauty. It wasn’t lost on us how this mirrors a human’s life. Embrace life, embrace change, find beauty where others might not see it. Clean lines and color blocking complement our exploration of flowers and provide a modern backdrop for product that explores line-driven design.”


“It is so important to us as a company that we are sharing the love and art that goes into crafting each product in our line. Materiality is an exploration in the craft of basket weaving and art of pottery. It is telling the story of a hand-painted vase and the hands that sculpted it.”


“There is nothing more ethereal than escaping to the forest. The magical silence of it and the quiet moments of discovery. Cascadia was an opportunity for us to bring that feeling to life.”

Our customers have a lot that they can look forward to in our 2018 collection: We have added an extensive line of hand-etched, crystal glass event pieces, ranging from large centerpieces to small votives. Some of my favorite new pieces are ceramic vases and pots with hand-painted, clean lines. Modern pieces with a hand-made feel.


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