Thursday, February 15, 2018

Our New Catalog Has Arrived!

Our 2018 Collection catalog has arrived! This catalog is complete with our entire spring 2018 offering including our three newest trends, our everyday collection, as well as our holiday collection. Don't miss out on a chance to get your hands on one of these! 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Get The Look: Accenting with Gold Foil

Our 2018 spring / summer showrooms showcased a variety of merchandising opportunities and options. One of the most popular details among many of our customers were the gold accented wooden pieces in our Cascadia trend story. Amidst the lushness of the moss and greenery within the floral elements highlighting the collection our showroom team created moments of gold throughout the layout to enhance the products.

Here are a few Accent Decor products that best feature this effect:

Birch & Wood Slices ; Bedford Plate

Birch Coasters ; Birch Namecard

Forest Placecard ; Poplar Wood Base

Deco foil application tools can be found at any hobby / craft store near you!

Mix and match with an array of our pieces for this on trend look!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Life of a Flower

"We were taken with the many stages of a flower's life, and how each phase possessed a unique beauty. It wasn't lost on us how this mirrors the human life. Embrace life, embrace change, find beauty where others might not see it." - Sarah Bagle, Creative Director

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Trend: Cascadia

Magical Enclave

Deep and rich, lush with life, Cascadia somehow remains ethereal and bright, leaning otherwordly in its beauty and magic. Drawing on the beauty of a wooden enclave, light flits through jeweled votives and dances on the moss carpeting below. Gold and brass candelabras stand sentry long into the night, their flickering candles dripping wax as stars twinkle through the canopy overhead.

Deep jewel tones and rich textures evoke woodland magic long after the candles have melted away.

Dramatic lush silhouettes enchant and delight the senses.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Trend: Materiality

Artisan Creations
Shape and Form

Raw materials transformed to finished products through craftsmanship and human touch. Messy clay slips through fingers, spinning on a potter's wheel, finished with lush glazes and carefully-applied texture and patterns.

Warm texture and variations of color bring a collection from studio to home, from the heat of the firing to the warmth of your table.

Quietly creating beauty in muted spaces brimming with art shaped by human hands.

Raw materials and global artistry create a tactile and beautiful experience from creation to completion.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Trend: Study of Flowers

Modern art meets the anatomy of a bloom

Precise yet unexpected angles and color palettes showcase the artistry behind each unique bloom. Lush florals blossom and die, every stage a whole new work of art. Modern shapes and high design meet the simplicity of stunning flowers, inviting you to wander through the world like a museum, enjoying all the beauty on display.

The texture and curl of a petal, the lifecycle of a bloom, framed like art in modern containers on architectural backdrops.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Spring Summer Collection

Our 2018 collection strives to marry form and function, striking a delicate balance between trend-conscious style and timeless classics. Seasonal trends tell a unique story while working together within an overall narrative. Pair pieces from different stories to write new trends and craft a unique presence all your own.

Study of Flowers

"We were taken with the many stages of a flower's life," explains our Creative Director, Sarah Bagle, "and how each phase possessed a unique beauty. It wasn't lost on us how this mirrors a human's life. Embrace life, embrace change, find beauty where others might not see it. Clean lines and color blocking complement our exploration of flowers and provide a modern backdrop for product that explores line-driven design."


"It is so important to us as a company that we are sharing the love and art that goes into crafting each product in our line. Materiality is an exploration in the craft of basket weaving and art of pottery. It is telling the story of a hand-painted vase and the hands that sculpted it."


"There is nothing more ethereal than escaping to the forest. The magical silence of it and the quiet moments of discovery. Cascadia was an opportunity for us to bring that feeling to life."

Our customers have a lot that they can look forward to in our 2018 collection: We have added an extensive line of hand-etched, crystal glass event pieces, ranging from large centerpieces to small votives. Some of my favorite new pieces are ceramic vases and pots with hand-painted, clean lines. Modern pieces with a hand-made feel.