Wednesday, November 29, 2017

#JungalowToursAD Contest Winners

We recently asked our customers and Instagram followers to share a floral arrangement, home decor vignette or styled event look with their interpretation of the bohemian vibe for a chance to wine one of (5) copies of The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney along with a $250 credit to shop all things Accent Decor!

Members of our creative team including our Creative Director, Sarah Bagle, our Art / Marketing Director, Megan Nones, our Social Media Strategist, Angélique Witcher, in addition to Accent Decor's co-founder and current Director of Philanthropy, Margaret Hofland, went through each of the entries and selected an overall top five.

Congratulations to our winners!

Ines Naftali
South Florida

The florals have a beautiful sense of balance. Ines has utilized the principles and elements of design to create the perfect bohemian arrangements.

Shelly Sarver, AIFD, CFD, IMF
Leighton, Iowa

So bohemian! A fun combination of element of different elements, shapes and structures. Beautiful bouquets!

John Regan, Twisted Stem Floral
Crystal Lake, Illinois

An enchanting boho mix of greenery, florals, color, height and texture. 

Rekindle Creative
Brea, California

A unique take on bohemian style with a modern twist. Clean and crisp with a flair.

Suwanee, Georgia

Send flowers with a modern twist.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

In Our Community: Blueprint58 Thanksgiving Dinner

After having grown up under the generosity and culture her parents established at Accent Decor, and having worked there herself for going on 15 years now, Rebecca Stanley and her husband started the nonprofit mentoring program Blueprint 58 in their neighborhood seven years ago. The ongoing support of Accent Decor for Blueprint 58 contributes to lasting change through relationships developed over soccer teams and across the Thanksgiving table, creating something that goes beyond mere philanthropy to the heart of community building.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Free-for-All Images & The Story Behind Them

Here at Accent Decor, we believe that regardless of our products’ inherent beauty, we must continually strive to present them in inspiring, yet natural ways. Imagery remains our strongest tool in creating an emotional connection with our customers. Through our finished images, whether in print or on the web, we hope to not only inspire but also to illustrate the craftsmanship behind the entire AD brand. This craftsmanship extends from product conception to product creation, to the hard work of the creative team in bringing it all to life.

Our product development team seeks inspiration from just about everywhere when developing new collections each season. Likewise, our creative team brainstorms, daydreams, and researches the best ways to showcase and highlight all of our finished products. For each season, as well as every photoshoot, mood boards are created to integrate the trend’s atmosphere with each piece’s individual shape, colors, textures, materials, and personality. Because Accent Decor is committed to carrying such a wide range of products, the creative team’s challenge is to set up breathtaking environments to both flaunt the angles of our crystal event pieces and feature the detailed craftsmanship behind our handmade pots.

Once the mood has been set, the team gets to work finding the right location, sourcing unique props, and collaborating with a floral designer to bring each piece to life. We create an array of sets within our studio, while also hunting for exciting and beautiful locations around Atlanta to best translate our collections into stories and scenes that connect on a deeper level with our customers.
Now that we’ve dreamed up the scenes and coupled our products with florals, furniture, and other props, our location photographer works closely with our Art Director to translate the team’s vision through photography. On photoshoot days, you can often find Accent Decor team members sneaking in to inhale the heady scent of a roomful of flowers and to catch a glimpse of the magic happening behind the scenes. In a flurry of activity interspersed with the stillness required to get the perfect shot, sets get switched out and reimagined, while lighting and angles are explored and captured under the careful eye to detail of the whole creative team.

After the shoot gets declared a wrap, each shot is carefully curated and edited to create a final image that stands up to Accent Decor standards of inspiration and beauty. The process from image and scene conception to a finished product on the page or the web requires the work of a dedicated and talented team of creatives each step of the way.  Once images are on our website, they’re free for everyone’s use. Whether you’re a budding designer or an established company, we understand that beautiful and timeless images can be few and far between. Accent Décor is proud to offer and promote the sharing and use of its images. Everyone can legally use our website, blog, or social media as a visual hub for discovering and downloading public domain images. Whether you are plugging our images into your Instagram feed, supporting a blog post, or using them for commercial purposes, we hope the intersection of magic and hard work our creative team puts into every image will shine through and inspire your work to bring beauty to the world.

Friday, November 17, 2017

In Our Community: BluePrint58, A Day in the Life

Accent Decor was the presenting platinum sponsor for Blueprint 58’s event, “A Day in the Life 2017”. Blueprint 58 is a community-based mentoring program in the Adair Park and Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Atlanta. Blueprint 58 is unique in its approach to community development, focusing on both fostering mentoring relationships through the local school, and establishing a healthy and positive presence in the neighborhood.

A big thank you to Catherine Wayman from C. Wayman for creating the night's floral concepts

“A Day in the Life” featured the students and mentors who are a part of the Blueprint 58 program, and supporters and neighbors shared a dinner while learning how Blueprint 58 serves the community and how to get involved.

The emcees for the night: Blueprint58 board member, Jimmy Wolfe and Jerell Cromartie,
a graduate of the Blueprint58 program

Want to learn more about Blueprint58 and how you can be a part of the cause? Check out their site: