How It’s Made: Benji Pot & Leland Vase

How It’s Made: Benji Pot & Leland Vase

Explore the story behind the product…Watch how our team captured the artist behind the vessel.

The Benji Pot: Handcrafted in Portugal, our Benji pots are one of a kind with their crosshatch texture paired with white or bronze finishes.

Upon returning from her travels abroad visiting our pottery factories Sarah Bagle, our Creative Director, shared her perspective on witnessing the work behind the pieces. “It is easy to be blown away watching a potter sculpt a piece of clay into a work of art. You can watch the face of a potter at work and see his connection to the work, lost in the task at hand. It’s mesmerizing to watch the movement of the clay as it takes shape. There’s something peaceful about it.”

Catch a glimpse of how the Leland vase comes to life.

The Leland Vase: One of our more difficult products to sculpt due to its height, the Leland vase stands tall and chic with its smoke grey glaze.


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