The Story: Eric & Eloise

There is a forest nearby.
Eric and Eloise live there.
Eric is a hare.
Eloise is a fox.
The sky swallows the moon every morning.
The night swallows the sky every evening.
Winter is cold.
The moon is a hole in the night.
The night is full of stars.
Eloise dreams fox dreams.
She dreams herself into a dragon, an escape artist.
Eric dreams the dreams of a hare.
He dreams himself into a stag, a gentleman.
At dawn Eloise makes skis.
Oh! How do you do, says Eric.
How do you do, says Eloise.
And they race.
They race to your house, where you’re tucked in, waiting.
It is the 25th of December.
So, of course, there is dancing and dancing.
There’s moon snuggling and tale juggling by the fire.
Stars, says Eric. Nightsparks, says Eloise at the window.


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