In Our Community: Camp Grace + Blueprint 58

In Our Community: Camp Grace + Blueprint 58

Earlier this summer, Accent Decor partnered with Blueprint58  to get kids off the hot pavement – playing on the grass, swimming and looking at the stars.

Becca, from Blueprint58 says, ” Most of the kids who come bring only one or two changes of clothes. Some don’t have toothpaste, soap or bedding. Many of them exhibit a hardness when they first get there that tends to wear down over the course of the week. Those who fight the hardest and curse the most tend to be the ones most heartbroken to leave. I wish I could do a better job describing how precious it is to be a part of that moment when they grin and run into a hug, especially when earlier in the week they are determined to be tough and prove that they don’t need anyone…”

Accent Decor is proud to have sponsored 38 kids for this year’s Camp Grace in addition to providing a variety of toiletries and supplies for their stay.

Want to learn more about Blueprint58 and how you can be a part of the cause? Check out their site:


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