Thursday, August 24, 2017

In Our Community: Kate's Club

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul." - Alice Walker

We are honored to have provided vessels along with moments of creativity and fun at a recent Kate's Club gathering. Their horticulture therapist, Wendy, created beautiful terrariums with a group of grieving kids and allowed them to explore their little green thumbs!


Friday, August 18, 2017

The Story: Eric & Eloise

There is a forest nearby. 
Eric and Eloise live there. 
Eric is a hare. 
Eloise is a fox.

The sky swallows the moon every morning. 
The night swallows the sky every evening. 
Winter is cold. 
The moon is a hole in the night. 
The night is full of stars. 

Eloise dreams fox dreams. 
She dreams herself into a dragon, an escape artist. 

Eric dreams the dreams of a hare. 
He dreams himself into a stag, a gentleman.

At dawn Eloise makes skis. 
Oh! How do you do, says Eric.
How do you do, says Eloise.
And they race.
They race to your house, where you're tucked in, waiting.

It is the 25th of December.
So, of course, there is dancing and dancing.
There's moon snuggling and tale juggling by the fire.
Stars, says Eric. Nightsparks, says Eloise at the window.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

In Our Community: Camp Grace + Blueprint 58

Earlier this summer, Accent Decor partnered with Blueprint58  to get kids off the hot pavement - playing on the grass, swimming and looking at the stars. 

Becca, from Blueprint58 says, " Most of the kids who come bring only one or two changes of clothes. Some don't have toothpaste, soap or bedding. Many of them exhibit a hardness when they first get there that tends to wear down over the course of the week. Those who fight the hardest and curse the most tend to be the ones most heartbroken to leave. I wish I could do a better job describing how precious it is to be a part of that moment when they grin and run into a hug, especially when earlier in the week they are determined to be tough and prove that they don't need anyone..."

Accent Decor is proud to have sponsored 38 kids for this year's Camp Grace in addition to providing a variety of toiletries and supplies for their stay.

Want to learn more about Blueprint58 and how you can be a part of the cause? Check out their site:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Trend: Calexico

The Mood

California Cool meets the heart of Mexican culture. The mood is relaxed and beautiful, completely sun-soaked spaces that make you feel as though you've come in from the heat for a cool glass of water.

Think weathered and woven, serene and laid back. A whitewashed paradise. Welcome to a lifestyle where you're surrounded by handcrafted art, beautiful light, and can move at pace that rejuvenates. This story stays away from being too modern -- it is slightly messy with a focus on the materiality of the beautiful handmade objects in it. In this space lives the lifestyle of a laid-back yet sophisticated person who reminds us that a balance of good work and tranquility is possible. Imagine a sophisticated surfer living in this space.

White-washed cabana like wood structures are featured and create shade and shadows from hot light about them. The shadows in this story will make you feel like you are wandering with your feet in the sand.

The Colors & Vessels

Earthy tones with a mix of pale shades and pops of surprising colors [jackie & kelso]. The colors evoke the relaxed and chill feel of the overall collection. The muted tones of the terracotta [muriel & revolt] couple well with the natural rattan [pintado & rumba] and ceramic [hari] pieces. 

The Showroom

As you stroll through Calexico you feel as if you've walked into a sophisticated surfer's living room. Black and white travel photos hang on the white washed shiplap walls as ropes hang terracotta pots from up high. There's a laid back California feel to this tale with Mexican influences. You're welcomed to a lifestyle where you're surrounded by handcrafted art, beautiful light and can move at a pace that rejuvenates.

The Flowers
The flower choices for this story continue to convey the Cali/Mex aesthetic. Layers of Yucca and high desert florals like King Protea, Pin Cushions and Cockscomb paired with Dahlias and a multitude of cacti. The hanging planters feature Senecio plants and Burrow's Tail dangling from their pots. Plenty of succulents popping from terrariums amid Poppies, Zinnia, Mexican flowers and much more.