Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shop the Trend: Calexico

Our Calexico trend is all about a relaxed effortless feel. We imagine a sophisticated surfer who has traveled the world and collected mementoes along the way.


Weathered and woven, our Hacienda collection offers a variety of planting opportunities with an assortment of shapes and sizes.

The Qdoba pot & bowl series play on the current two-toned trend coupling a natural bisque ceramic with a bronze glaze finish.

The Lockwood and Wren macrame hangers can hold a wide range of pot sizes. (Holding plants in our Polly bowl and Demi pot below)

The Demi pot showcases a sun-faded blue glaze with a stamped print on its terracotta surface.  

Much like the Qdoba collection, the Polly bowls and vases feature a two-toned natural bisque glaze paired with a shiny robin's egg blue finish.

The Jeva pots and planters are made of polyfiber making them incredibly lightweight and good for indoor or outdoor use.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Meet with Justina Blankeney from The Jungalow as she tours the Accent Decor showroom highlighting her favorites from our current collection and sharing her own decor tips and tricks! 

July 31st, 2017 
Las Vegas Market
C 124

A little background on Justina...
Designer, artist, New York Times best selling author, and founder of The Jungalow™, Justina Blakeney is known for her colorful, patternful and plant-iful aesthetic. With an online audience of over 2,000,000, Justina has created a design movement which encourages people to experiment, let loose and decorate wild! 

Justina grew up in Berkeley, California where her colorful, soulful, multi-culti upbringing had her obsessed with international travel, flea markets, plants, and textiles from an early age. She then moved to Los Angeles to study World Arts and Cultures at UCLA and upon graduation, Justina set off to travel the globe. She made it across the Atlantic but then somehow found herself living, studying design and then working in Italy for the better half of her twenties.

Now, back in Los Angeles, Justina runs her award-winning lifestyle blog and designs surface patterns and products for her homewares brand, Justina Blakeney Home. 
Justina is consistently tapped as “a top designer to follow” by publications including Vogue, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, Glamour, Refinery29 and more. Her first decor book, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, was a New York Times Best-Seller.  

Justina lives in Los Angeles with her husband Jason, young daughter Ida, kitty Luda, and 52 indoor plants.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shop the Trend: Elusive Dynasty

Within the lavish aura of Elusive Dynasty, the products are an additional layer to the intricacies and details of the trend. Each with their own look and feel, both in presence and texture, the vessels have their own story to tell. 

The Script budvase looks as if it's an artifact from a different time. Hints of cobalt peek from behind the bronze glaze giving an etched effect. 

The iron Mabel has always been a fan favorite with its versatile shapes and sizes. Whether grouped together or separate there's a plethora of options for a wide range of arrangements.

The facets of the Matrix lanterns add curiosity to lighting. The brushed gold detail on the Levee vase adds mystery and texture to an arrangement. 

The jade finish on the mercury glass of the Suncoo creates an unexpected pop of color. The metallic elements of the Zola adds focus to this popular trend.

The Eleanor collection is filled with budvases, vases and pots all hand-painted porcelain pieces each with their own personality and flair.

Many thanks from Frank & Margaret

Monday, July 17, 2017


What a journey the last twenty years have been! Explore the milestones and memorable moments of Accent Decor. The beginning of Accent Decor started long before its beginning in 1997...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Real Talk: Frank & Margaret

We recently caught up with our powerhouse duo behind all things Accent Decor. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for their drive and determination!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Trend: Elusive Dynasty

The Mood

A world of deep colors influenced by Asian traditional design and opulence. Filled with deep colors, beautifully aged walls with rich patinas, bright golds, shining crystal and occasional moments that remind you that you are in our contemporary time.

You are a welcomed guest in a dreamlike and elegant home. This is a dynasty to which you already belong, the dynasty of your imagination, which is vast and wonderful. An imagination ignited by beautifully drawn koi fish swimming against bold backdrops to event tables with ornate fabrics and tapestries. The contrast of aged furniture and walls with excessive beauty drives this tale of wonder. From draped silk fabrics, to exquisite screens and aged walls, to chandeliers and paintings, this story completely envelops you in its depth and abundance of beauty.

The Colors & Vessels

Unlike Leaf & Line, this collection is known for its ornate and elaborate aesthetic. The colors of the story evoke a stunning ambiance with lavish details and silhouettes. The delicate hand painted blue and white vases [eleanor] sit next to a variety of mercury glass votives [regime], heavy gold details [dominix], and deep jades [yuma].

The Showroom

As your walk through the Elusive Dynasty story you feel as if you've gone into an estate home of a world traveler. The space is draped with deep silks and layered with printed tapestries and artwork. The walls are dripping with coatings of rich paint with Koi fish sketches scurrying all around. The play of shiny and matte textures lends itself well under the sea of floating candelabras. 

The Flowers

The floral design for this trend mirrors the Japanese Ikebana style arrangements. The flowers follow the strong Asian influence but are more lush and decadent. The appearance gives the feeling that the flowers have been plucked from the estate's garden: a plethora of blossom branches, roses, cymbidiums, delphinium, ranunculus and pepper berries mixed with frittilaria, allium and larkspur. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shop the Trend: Leaf & Line

While Leaf and Line seems like an exclusive collection with its sophisticated gallery feel - there's still a little something for everyone. Whether you are enamored with golds and bronzes, drawn to milky ceramics, or enthused by glass pieces, one is able to find a little love story within the trend.

Our Lara cube pairs well with our smoked glass Atelier votive. The dark hues allow bright florals to pop! 

Our hammered metal gold Roberi bowl creates a multitude of styling options. 

The Suya budvase features a scratched design on its ceramic surface. 

The gold rimmed Zoya budvase allows for height and versatility. 

Our organic rimmed Solange showcases a gold speckled finish on the white ceramic pot.
(And who doesn't love a chic watering can?)

The Highview candleholder creates a warm glow when used with a candle or can be repurposed for various display options!

The mix of gold and copper makes our Society vase stand out from the rest!