Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Trend: Leaf & Line

The Mood

The story is that of a neon greenhouse driven by shape and line. The space has a gallery feel. It is artfully composed and curated with a sense of humor and surprise. Sharp silhouettes, mirror reflections and crisp surfaces thrive alongside lush, living subjects. The clean, geometric design is exciting but also restful because of the simplicity of its layout and the deliberate treatment of pattern, line and light.

Patterns create surprising elements -- soft static shadows of leaves on blank canvas. A palm presses gently along a wall, painting it with its shadow. Beautiful wallpapers with artful leaf designs mesh with works for natural art. Neon light and bright bloom-shades radiate tropical heat against the pervasive cool. It is sleek and surprising. Edited and inviting.

Poised, polished and a little wild.
The Colors & Vessels

The colors within the collection are minimal: heavy on black [kensli], white [suya] and gold [roberi] with several glass pieces [zoya]. Very few textures: Polish blown glass for the larger event glass pieces, shiny glazes [solange], on the ceramics and a myriad of geometric lines throughout.

The Showroom

The look of the space for Leaf and Line is driven by simplicity. We created an ambiance as if you are walking through a sophisticated art space with a sense of humor and surprise. Using pattern, line and light treatments casting shadow play with leaves on white backdrops. The feel is modern yet playful with a flair of 80's influence. Elements of surprise lie within the jungle printed wallpaper and the neon signage as you walk under a canopy of palms, "Everything you can imagine is real," and "Beauty is wild," shining brightly on the Celfie vase wall.

The FlowersThe floral design style is very linear and simple. Our team used different types of leaves and foliage to create textures and lines using repetition and natural curves. Specific flowers and foliage include: birds of paradise, split leaf philodendron, palm fronds and pink ginger, among others.

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