2017 Fall // Winter Trends


Always observers of the marketplace, mindful of current trends, constant world travelers, perpetual dreamers and creators. Each season the Accent Decor creative team takes their experiences and conclusions and begin envisioning, constructing and executing their concepts for the upcoming collections. Each trend is unique in its own way, derived from various parts of the world and moments in time. Explore and discover. Allow yourself to travel through the stories they tell. Leaf & Line, Elusive Dynasty and Calexico. Which trends speaks to you? Which one are you?…
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LEAF & LINE: Shadow Jungle


High gloss greenery thrives in the limelight. The natural curl of a palm artfully on display, its silhouette exhibited in appreciation. A pink glow beckons your curiosity as you wind through the gallery of slick glass, modern lines and playful, statement-making details.

The 80’s are back in style in a black-and-white palette touched with liquid gold. This is gallery meets greenhouse; minimal design meets maximum impact. In this urbane studio, all is artfully composed and curated — a geometric jungle of shadows and line. It’s sleek and surprising. Edited and inviting. Poised, polished and a little wild…
ELUSIVE DYNASTY: Anthological Opulence

Marvel at an estate filled with wonder. An artful dance between excess and moderation. Step onto the Oriental rugs, gaze up at chandeliers dripping in crystal, let your fingers run over the stitching of hand sewn skills. Rich, bold colors drip down the walls and set your mind adrift.

Carved from luxury and legacy, gilded by fortune and age, draped in reams of velvet and silk, the grande maison unfolds before you. Here is a treasury of empires. Opulence burnished and honed through generations. Koi swim the walls, exquisite orchids spring from delicate Chinoiserie vases. All bears the inimitable beauty of artistry, care, time — hand-painted brushstrokes, tarnish and patina, a fine lace of cracked glaze. You’ve entered a modern world reminiscent of the Byzantine era.

Leave the salt in your hair, the sand between your toes. Let the dappled sunlight wash over your face.

Whitewashed and weathered surfaces show the slow, sure hand of sea and sky; a borderland-scape dotted with woven textiles, earthy pottery, and ripe Sangria hues. There is a constant, calming sense of flow — languid layers and open windows, hammocks and caftans, airy, succulent spaces.

All is easy. Unhurried. Free to overgrow, loosen, curl. Be coolly imperfect. Pacific. Handpicked vessels — rattan baskets, pattered bowls, cacti pots — hold beauty and utility in equal measure, collected and casually displayed.

. . . . . . . . .

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