Flower and Gift Shop Display Ideas for the Holiday...

Flower and Gift Shop Display Ideas for the Holidays

At market this year, our showroom team experimented with new ways to display products in large quantites, and the results were impressive! By displaying snowflakes, planters, and ornaments in mass, we created an experience for our shoppers at market, inspiring them to bring these looks home to their own stores and projects, as well as introducing them to product they may have otherwise missed.

Here’s a break down of our most successful displays, the materials we used, and the products to go along with them:


Difficulty Level: Super Easy

Materials Needed:

  • velvet ribbon
  • Ornaments (varying sizes and colors)
  • old ladder

We tracked down an old wooden ladder and hung our Ariel and Anomaly ornaments from it to create a Christmas tree alternative display in the shot below, and used our Eternal ornament collection in the showrooms. Customers loved the ladder, and it was a great way to not only show off the newest color added to the collection, but to also show how beautiful it looks paired with the other colors we already carried.


Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Materials Needed:

The great thing about our Flux Planters is that they come in three different styles, but they all fit together to create a jaw-dropping geometric display. Depending on what you want to achieve, this project can be as simple as stacking a few on a table or attaching them under tables and up walls.

The flux planter display looks great empty or  filled with florals. Their minimal design makes them a versatile display for any time of the year.



Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard

Materials Needed:

The easy part to this project is hanging paper snowflakes from ta drop ceiling. A few snowflakes were hung from the trees we built, but the majority were suspended from the ceiling to look as though snow had just begun to fall (Our large snowflakes also double as lanterns if you want to set an illuminated mood).

Our showroom ceilings are super high so hanging them was a two-person job, but if you’re space isn’t too large, this should be a fairly easy task that has a strong visual impact.

Depending on your comfort with a miter saw and (how high your ceilings are), the tree structures we built were fairly easy (but can be time consuming) to pull off. We screwed thin pieces of wood at varying angles to 2×4’s to create barren trees that flanked our display tables.

What sort of product displays have worked with you in the past, especially for the holidays? Have you tried implementing one of our showroom displays in your store? Let us know in the comments below – and send us a photo. We love to see what you’re making!


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