3 Easy Ways to Upsell Holiday Gift Items in Your F...

3 Easy Ways to Upsell Holiday Gift Items in Your Flower Shop

With floral shops increasing the amount of gift items they carry during the holidays, we wanted to add to our Accent Decor holiday offerings to make sure our amazing floral customers are covered from containers to gift wrap this season. Here’s three really simple ways to increase value to your Accent Decor holiday products and upgrade your arrangements for a one-stop-shop experience.

1. Combine Two Products To Make One Unique One

While the Candyland Trees are beautiful on their own, they’re hollow, making them perfect for stuffing with our LED light strands. The same goes for our Tavern Candleholders! Sell the lights and gift item bundled together for instant holiday display decor that customers can take home and set up right away.

2. Upgrade Floral Arrangements with Figurines

Our birch containers are always popular around the holidays and with the right flowers, they say “holiday” quite easily. Why not kick it up a notch with a Roly Poly Santa or two? Customers get a fun holiday arrangement with two reusable pieces.

Holiday Gift Items for Floral Arrangements

3. Put together gift box sets with fresh flowers.

We love the idea of pairing our display box, glitter votives, and handmade journals with local soaps, a cozy throw, and wintery florals for a “staycation” themed gift box. Set up a variety of themed gift boxes, photograph them, and add them to the website as a premium Christmas gift.Need ideas? MyDomain shared 7 companies that add a modern flair to box gift sets with flowers.


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