Lost Before Christmas – Accent Decor 2016 Ho...

Lost Before Christmas – Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection


Our 2016 holiday collection has been quite busy this year. With a successful debut during the summer trade shows, it’s gearing up for the winter market and well, with all the excitement, a few little mishaps are bound to happen.
In fact, our own Rudolph Reindeer had a mishap (although some would argue it was more of a grand adventure) of his own. Sometimes, magical things happen here at Accent Decor when you aren’t looking closely. After all, when the lights are out, and the staff has gone for the day, who’s to say the shelves don’t come to life?

Curious to know more about the featured products? Read on to shop holiday products from the video or skip to the whole Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection here!


1. Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph (and family!) comes with a cement body and wooden, hand-painted face. Metal antlers Complete his Nordic inspired look. Available in 2 sizes.

2. Candyland Trees
Beautiful, colored glass holiday trees with hollow centers are easy to illuminate with our battery operated LED string lights.

3. Roly Poly Santa
Roly Poly Santa’s hand-painted features remind us of grandmother’s holiday heirlooms from the old country. Place him on a mantle or stick him in a holiday floral arrangement for a customer. Available in 2 sizes.

4. Tavern Candleholder
White ceramic houses with geometric patterns and triangular window cut outs are a modern take on miniature holiday houses. Available in 3 unique patterns and sizes.

5. Car Ornament
This cement car ornament is full of nostalgia with it’s little wooden tree tied up on top.

6. Mr. Claus
Tall and skinny or short and squat, take your pick of our Mr. Claus figurine with his simple cement body and hand painted face and hat.

7. Joyeux Deer
The Joyeux Deer’s Scandinavian design and silhouette make it the perfect minimal holiday decor piece. Available in two different sizes and patterns, the Joyeux Deer also coordinates with two beautifully patterned trees for a complete collection.

8. Shaggy Tree
Soft wool is hand draped for a beautiful, organic take on the christmas tree. Complete with a little wooden star and bark base, these Scandinavian-inspired shaggy trees offer a winter-white alternative to typical evergreen holiday decor. Available in 3 sizes.

9. Fawn
These fawns are made of overlapping lines of golden wire for a modern, geometric-inspired take on a classic holiday symbol. Available in 2 sizes.

10. Cement Santa
Resembling the European garden gnome, these minimally designed Scandinavian Santas are adorable with their tiny wooden trees behind their back. Available in 3 sizes.

11. Snow Globes
Our modern take on a holiday favorite, these snow globes in white and gold feature modern silhouettes of reindeer and christmas trees. Available in 2 sizes.

12. Navidad Tree
You can never go wrong with bottlebrush tree decor for your holiday vignettes.  Our trees are flocked with snow and available in 3 sizes.

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