Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let's Go Baroque!

Get ready to channel your inner Dutch Master Painter with our last Instagram style challenge of the year! In our showrooms this year, we were inspired by Baroque still life paintings with a modern twist. Now,  it's your turn to show us your interpretation of our trend story, Baroque Bumble!

While it's super fun just to take the challenge, we also like rewarding those that participate. Two winners will be selected to receive $1000 each to shop Accent Decor!

Floral arrangement with figs - inspired by Baroque Still life - Accent Decor, Inc

The Challenge

Oct. 31 - Nov. 28: Style a floral arrangement, tablescape or home decor vignette inspired by the Baroque period. Add your personal flair and a modern touch to update the look.

Follow us on Instagram (@AccentDecorInc) and share your creation on Instagram with #AccentDecorBaroque in the caption!

The Inspiration

Imitation is the best form of flattery, so here's some Flemish Baroque Art to give you a foundation, and here's some of our own photos to inspire! Also, check out the inspiration behind our Baroque inspired trend story to see how we interpreted this look in our showrooms.

Baroque-inspired floral arrangement by BloomAtlanta for Accent Decor in the Laville Vase

Foraged, modern Baroque florals by Moonflower for Accent Decor

The Nitty-Gritty Rules

  • Contest runs Oct. 31 - Nov. 28. Participants are asked to Follow us on Instagram (@AccentDecorInc) and use #AccentDecorBaroque in their entry's caption. 
  • There is no purchase necessary to register with us or to participate. While we would love to see how Accent Decor products inspire your creations, using our product will not be a deciding factor in who wins.
  • In order to be eligible to win, you must have a business license. If you are not a registered customer with Accent Decor, you will need to start the application process in order to receive the $1000 account credit.
  • Two winners will be selected and each winner will receive a $1000 credit to shop our newest products. Winners will be announced Monday, December 5, 2016.
  • Winners will be picked by the Accent Decor Creative Director and one of their guest floral designers.
  • Participants can share as many photos as they want in both categories, but they will only be able to win in one category. 
  • Our social media strategist will share photos each week of the challenge, but photos shared on the @AccentDecorInc account do not reflect the judge's preferences. 
  • We'll contact the winners directly through email or Instagram's direct message to collect their prize on Monday, December 5, 2016.
  • Freight: For winners, free economy freight will be applied for US continental only. 
  • Image Rights: By tagging your image #AccentDecorBaroque on Instagram, you're giving permission for Accent Decor to share your image on, in the Accent Decor newsletter, on this blog, and on any Accent Decor social media channels. Proper photo and design credit will be given.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

#AccentDecorColor Winning Designs

As always, we receive an amazing amount of entries for our contests, and with two style challenges under our belt, it's no surprise that the entries just keep getting better and better. For this challenge, we asked our Instagram followers to create styled vignettes or floral arrangements inspired by our showroom story: Jackie O

Judging for us this time was Accent Decor's art director, Margaret Hofland, and the Sales Manager, Eva Lester.

Margaret's pick was Madeline's Flowers (@MadelineFlowers) who put together a whole shoot in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City. With roots in the 60s and early 70s, the women of Madeline's felt this was the perfect location to show off their modern and colorful designs.

From the flower crown on our Beau Vase to the gradient of mini pumpkins, dahlias, succulents, and coxcomb, we were so impressed by the bold use of color that hit the nail on the head with color blocking.

Madeline's Flower Shop is a 3rd generation florist serving Oklahoma for over 60 years. Started by Madeline Graham, the shop is now owned by Madeline's daughter and granddaughters, Lenzee, Lacee, and Barbara. 

Photos for the shoot were provided by Mandy Stansberry Photography.

Eva selected Uche of Designs by Oochay (@designsbyoochay) for her beautiful floral arrangement that brought this beautiful styled shoot together. We loved how Uche picked flowers that coordinated so well with the bold and bright details on the table.

"This tablescape was a part of a styled shoot put together by an awesome team of creatives," says Uche. "It was inspired by our love of bright, vivid colors, and we wanted to incorporate an Anthropologie inspired vibe into this shoot."

For the florals, Uche used a variety of textures and colorful blooms including ranunculus, zinnias, coxcomb, roses, dahlia, hydrangeas, scabiosa, astilbe, and mixed greenery to achieve the organic, yet bold design.

Here's the list of all the vendors Uche worked with to pull the look together:

Photography: Taken By Sarah 
Coordination + Design: L & L Events 
Cake + Desserts: Catherine George Cakes 
Hair + Makeup: TMAK Artistry 
Men's Ware:Geek Restored 
Ring: Susie Saltzman 
Stationery: Oda Creative 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lost Before Christmas - Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection

Our 2016 holiday collection has been quite busy this year. With a successful debut during the summer trade shows, it's gearing up for the winter market and well, with all the excitement, a few little mishaps are bound to happen.

In fact, our own Rudolph Reindeer had a mishap (although some would argue it was more of a grand adventure) of his own. Sometimes, magical things happen here at Accent Decor when you aren't looking closely. After all, when the lights are out, and the staff has gone for the day, who's to say the shelves don't come to life?

Curious to know more about the featured products? Read on to shop holiday products from the video or skip to the whole Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection here!


1. Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph (and family!) comes with a cement body and wooden, hand-painted face. Metal antlers Complete his Nordic inspired look. Available in 2 sizes.

2. Candyland Trees
Beautiful, colored glass holiday trees with hollow centers are easy to illuminate with our battery operated LED string lights.

3. Roly Poly Santa
Roly Poly Santa's hand-painted features remind us of grandmother's holiday heirlooms from the old country. Place him on a mantle or stick him in a holiday floral arrangement for a customer. Available in 2 sizes.

4. Tavern Candleholder
White ceramic houses with geometric patterns and triangular window cut outs are a modern take on miniature holiday houses. Available in 3 unique patterns and sizes.

5. Car Ornament
This cement car ornament is full of nostalgia with it's little wooden tree tied up on top.

6. Mr. Claus
Tall and skinny or short and squat, take your pick of our Mr. Claus figurine with his simple cement body and hand painted face and hat.

7. Joyeux Deer
The Joyeux Deer's Scandinavian design and silhouette make it the perfect minimal holiday decor piece. Available in two different sizes and patterns, the Joyeux Deer also coordinates with two beautifully patterned trees for a complete collection.

8. Shaggy Tree
Soft wool is hand draped for a beautiful, organic take on the christmas tree. Complete with a little wooden star and bark base, these Scandinavian-inspired shaggy trees offer a winter-white alternative to typical evergreen holiday decor. Available in 3 sizes.

9. Fawn
These fawns are made of overlapping lines of golden wire for a modern, geometric-inspired take on a classic holiday symbol. Available in 2 sizes.

10. Cement Santa
Resembling the European garden gnome, these minimally designed Scandinavian Santas are adorable with their tiny wooden trees behind their back. Available in 3 sizes.

11. Snow Globes
Our modern take on a holiday favorite, these snow globes in white and gold feature modern silhouettes of reindeer and christmas trees. Available in 2 sizes.

12. Navidad Tree
You can never go wrong with bottlebrush tree decor for your holiday vignettes.  Our trees are flocked with snow and available in 3 sizes.

Have a favorite holiday piece from the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, October 3, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Upsell Holiday Gift Items in Your Flower Shop

With floral shops increasing the amount of gift items they carry during the holidays, we wanted to add to our Accent Decor holiday offerings to make sure our amazing floral customers are covered from containers to gift wrap this season. Here's three really simple ways to increase value to your Accent Decor holiday products and upgrade your arrangements for a one-stop-shop experience.

1. Combine Two Products To Make One Unique One

While the Candyland Trees are beautiful on their own, they're hollow, making them perfect for stuffing with our LED light strands. The same goes for our Tavern Candleholders! Sell the lights and gift item bundled together for instant holiday display decor that customers can take home and set up right away.

Candy cane Trees and Mini Holiday Houses from Accent Decor

2. Upgrade Floral Arrangements with Figurines

Our birch containers are always popular around the holidays and with the right flowers, they say "holiday" quite easily. Why not kick it up a notch with a Roly Poly Santa or two? Customers get a fun holiday arrangement with two reusable pieces.

Holiday Gift Items for Floral Arrangements

3. Put together gift box sets with fresh flowers.

We love the idea of pairing our display box, glitter votives, and handmade journals with local soaps, a cozy throw, and wintery florals for a "staycation" themed gift box. Set up a variety of themed gift boxes, photograph them, and add them to the website as a premium Christmas gift.Need ideas? MyDomain shared 7 companies that add a modern flair to box gift sets with flowers. 
Holiday Gift Box