From Paris with Love: Maison + Objet 2016 Recap

From Paris with Love: Maison + Objet 2016 Recap

Every year, our showroom and product development teams travel to Paris to attend the Maison + Objet show during Paris Design Week. The trip provides a chance for idea generation and good discussion around possibilities for Accent Decor to grow and improve.

“I try to approach Maison + Objet without expectations. I find this leaves my mind open to discovery, rather than looking for something specific,” Sarah Bagle, Creative Director at Accent Decor, said. “We always come back from Paris with building blocks, affirmations and a pulse on trends. This trip was no exception to that.”

Paris Design Week allows the showroom and product development team to get a pulse on what is happening in design. For Accent Decor’s creative consultant, Jessica Hiemstra, it provides the opportunity to open her “artist’s heart” to new, bold, and interesting design.”Everything that I look at from someone’s outfit to another vendor’s display allows me to scribble in my notebook as I prepare to bring innovations and problems to our team to interpret and bring to life in the showrooms,” Jessica said.

To prepare for the trip, Sarah made sure to keep the team up to date with her observations and innovative ideas. She communicated that deep greens, a masculine/scientific approach to plants and florals, and heavy, urban jungle-inspired interiors were on the rise.

“What I came away knowing was not just that we were “on point” with trends, but that in some ways, we are ahead,” Jessica said. “Sarah’s creative direction is not just aligned with what we saw in Paris, but also innovative, new, and distinctly American in design.”

As we all know, inspiration comes from a lot of different sources and Accent Decor’s creative team strives to interpret with displays that are appealing, inspiring and pragmatic to customers.

“We want to get our customers excited about how they can interpret our inspirations in their stores or at the events they create, so we take cues from many exhibits and the displays at Maison + Objet,” Liz Zwissler, Design Director for Accent Decor, said. “Once they’ve passed through the filters of our hearts and minds, they become what we are proud to present to the industry. “

Accent Decor always stresses the importance of being open to new inspiration while respecting the practical side of being a business. Without the human hours and financial support that go hand-in-hand with bringing inspiration to life, a space will struggle to become an experience, something both Liz and Jessica are passionate about maintaining in the Accent Decor showrooms.

Vincent Gregoire’s talk on trends really reinforced the concept of the experience for the team.”He talked about how customers today can go online, and digitally get so much of what they want, so when they go to a store, they are going for more than just an object,” Jessica said. “They are going in order to experience a place, and I think it’s worth it to inspire people and remember we should be offering an experience,” Jessica said.


So what can customers expect to see from Accent Decor in 2017? 


“Accent Decor customers can expect to be kept up to date with trends as we release our own trend and color stories yet again that have influences from around the globe,” Sarah said.



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