Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Top 10 Bestsellers from Summer Market

The results are in and we have our top 10 from market this summer! There's a few old favorites and lots of exciting new ones, so enjoy and let us know in the comments which one you pick as your favorite!

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1. Wilder + Wildwood Collection

This collection has made our bestseller list 3 times in a row and maintained the #1 spot twice. Last winter, we added gold to this branch votive and stand. This year, we were happy to announce the addition of votive candleholders in the same silver and gold finishes.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Winter Branch Votive Centerpiece Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Frosted Winter Votives

2. Eternal Ornament Collection

Always a favorite ornament collection available in three sizes, we added the beautiful marbled blue color to the collection.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Minimal Geo Wreath and muted pastel ornaments

3. Lita Collection

These beautiful compotes and vases have a thin, hammered metal detail giving them an aged, yet regal appearance. Customers were excited to add these to their wedding and event collections.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Vintage Inspired Lita Vase and Compote for Weddings

4. Snowflake Paper Lanterns + Winter Paper Ornaments

We strung these beauties up in masses to give the feeling of snowfall in our showrooms. Available as large paper snowflake lanterns and medium and small snowflake ornaments.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Large Paper Snowflake Lanterns

5. Glass Lantern Collection

These were a hit for customers looking for event and home decor pieces. These gold and glass lanterns are versatile and can be used as wedding card holders, terrariums, and more.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Gold rimmed glass lanterns

6. Lush Collection

These beautiful, earthy metal pots are similar to our popular Norman and Norah pots, but boast a unique texture and opening that truly sets them apart.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - earthy and rustic metal planters

7. Elsa Collection

The Elsa vases are happy little glass containers with a gold foil honeycomb detail on the exterior, making this piece perfect year round from holiday votives to valentine's day arrangements.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Elsa Vase with gold foil hexagon pattern

8. Wire Geo Wreath

This geo wreath was a hit for the holidays, but when we explained to customers that they could flip it and use it as a chandelier or centerpiece feature, they loved that a seasonal product like a wreath could transition easily into spring!

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Geo Wire Wreath - versatile modern minimal chandelier

9. Micro-LED Lights

Our battery operated LED string lights were a huge hit. Available in 6 different lengths, each offers an advantage depending on how customers wish to use them. For instance, florists loved our 7.5 ft strand with timer as the battery pack is water tight, allowing you to put the strand of lights under water. Another favorite was the 7.5 ft strand with remote - you could have as many strands as desired, all controlled by one remote.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Micro LED Lights - some are waterproof and remote controlled

10. Macrame Collection

Available in 6 different colors and looks, the macrame plant hangers were a huge hit at Market this summer. The hangers are made from sturdy, recycled cotton and come with a gold rod or wooden circle hanging feature.

Accent Decor Top 10 Bestsellers - Eco Friendly Macrame Plant Hangers

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