Showroom Design Inspiration: Jackie O.

Showroom Design Inspiration: Jackie O.

All it takes is the mention of a single name to conjure up an entire era, a signature style, a powerful statement that plays over and over through the years, resonating with anyone, regardless of age.
It is a name that brings to mind impeccable style, attention to color, and classically evolving designs.

Product Featured: Meryl Stand | Meryl Vase | Yoruba Pots

We named one of the looks of our showrooms after Jackie O. because of the modern, clean lines of some of our newest products which is often represented in her style. We also played with absence of color in our showrooms, along with pops of white and movement through color and form that flirts with the line between the past and the present resulting in the following mood board:

Product Featured: Icy Candleholders | Sweet Pots

Products Featured: Himba Bowl | Swerve Planter 

Product Featured: Centipede Vase

Within the showroom, we displayed white products on white blocks and interspersed concrete and metallic pieces for a modern, streamlined look. Pops of color and unique shapes added playful details. 


Products Featured: Geo Paper Lantern | Empress Vase | Benji Pot |  Oakland Planters


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