AIFD Inspiration 2016 Behind the Scenes Highlights

AIFD Inspiration 2016 Behind the Scenes Highlights

We really couldn’t complain much about our trip to the 2016 AIFD Symposium this summer: California sunshine, fresh flowers at every turn, and rooms filled to the brim with inspiring design. So it’s really no surprise that we are bursting at the seams to share every little detail with you – we promise we won’t go overboard, so for now, here’s a look at some of our favorite behind the scenes moments.

We’ll be sharing more throughout the summer as we showcase the designers we sponsored (the Academy of Floral Art) as well as an interview with Donald Yim AIFD who designed all the lovely floral arrangements for our Partner’s booth.

AIFD Student Competition

One of the best parts about AIFD is the student competition where novice members of AIFD student chapters are challenged with a set amount of florals and materials and must use their technique and talents to create out of what’s been provided to them. The timing, materials, and rules of the competition are similar to the AIFD certification test, giving students a taste of what to expect if they choose to pursue certification in the future.
Student Designers: Gina Olsen (top left), Katie Stoops (top right), Melissa Findlay (bottom)

Accent Decor Swag

We also discovered that you all mean business when it comes to getting an Accent Decor bag. We won’t deny that we loved the sight of everyone lining up with their Accent Decor totes.

The Flower Room

The Flower Room at AIFD is the where the magic and secrets live for the duration of the symposium until they’re ready to be revealed. Designers work amidst tables and buckets overflowing with fresh flowers as they hurry to finish their beautiful creations in time for their presentations or events.
Top Right: an Elizabethan inspired bridal pomander in the making by Francoise Weeks | Bottom: Suzanne Law AIFD, CFD and Paul Jaras AIFD, CFD pose by a work in progress made from recycled and found materials for their “Catalyst for Inspiration” presentation.

Beau Vase Sighting

Stacy Carlton AIFD, CFD used a stone spray paint on our Beau Vase to give it a more tropical look. Typically in a glossy white (and now a glossy black!), the Beau Vase has a really modern look. We love how Stacy used our Beaus in such a unique way to bring dimension to her presentation with Shawn Foley CFD, “Couture Collective.”

AIFD Partner Expo

Another highlight was getting to mingle with friends, customers (old and new!) at the partner expo. Displays didn’t fail to impress. We especially loved Green Valley Floral’s table filled with David Austen Roses and Mayesh’s giant flower wall!

We also can’t forget the incredible talents of Donald Yim AIFD who went above and beyond with his beautiful arrangements for our own set up. We’ll be sharing more of his work later along with an interview behind his floral career and work progress.
Unfamiliar with AIFD? Established in 1965, the American Institute of Floral designers is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career. Considered the most important design event in the floral industry, National Symposium attracts designers, educators, and interested individuals from all over the world. To learn more about the organization, visit AIFD.Org.


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