Showroom Design Inspiration: Modern Artifacts

Showroom Design Inspiration: Modern Artifacts

In April, we shared a little bit about the brainstorming process of our creative team when putting together the showroom looks, but we want to deep dive a little bit deeper and share with you the mood boards we created and some of the product that inspired one of our showroom stories.

So first up, we’re sharing our African-inspired Story: Modern Artifacts.

The pieces we’ve chosen for this story have a found look about them, like treasures hidden for generations, buried beneath the rubble, just waiting to be dusted off and displayed once again. Inspired by the diversity from the continent of Africa, we’ve added a lot of pieces with ancient designs reborn into modern shapes, and we’ve paired them with bold colors, gold accents, and patterns to bring the look full-circle as a collected, well traveled display of modern artifacts.

Here’s a glimpse at a few new products that inspired the story

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