Watch Now: 5 Elements of a Modern and Eclectic Pro...

Watch Now: 5 Elements of a Modern and Eclectic Product Display

We may have had too much fun putting together this playful, eclectic, and modern showroom display focused on one of our favorite trending plants: the cactus! A lot of our customers ask us how we created certain displays during market season, so our friend Tony Devictor (who also built these fantastic wood installations by the way) put together this video to show the five elements that help pull this Cactus Party look together.

1. Add a Pop of Color

We created an accent wall by picking out a warm and fun paint color that matched our southwestern theme, but also provided a good contrast for our wood installation display and products. For this look, we used Sherwin Williams “Ravishing Coral.”

Product Featured: Mini Cactus Vase

2. Build a playful wood installation

Our showroom display designer extraordinaire, Tony Devictor, used simple wood boards that he cut in various lengths and screws to hold them in place in order to create these fun installations that fan out and frame the products.Tony used 1x6x8 foot boards for the display and 2 and 3-inch screws to fasten it all together.

3. Get Wild

We used a mix of adventurous prints with some of our antelope heads to give the display a fun, wild look.

Eclectic and Modern Store Display IdeasProducts Featured: Loni Vase | Antelope Heads

4. Eclectic Product Groupings

We mixed our ceramic, metal, and wood products in all shapes, sizes, and colors, to bring some life to the shelving and add textural dimension.

Eclectic and Modern Store Display IdeasProducts Featured: Joplin Vase | Pippen Vase | Zee Pot

Mix metals, ceramics and natural elements for a modern and eclectic product displayProducts Featured: Bronze Artsi Pot | Zuna Pedestal

5. Final Touch – Cactus

Our “Cactus Party” look wouldn’t be complete without the cactus. Kick it up a notch by adding bright paint accents to the cactus and decorative rocks to the containers to add contrast.


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