Showroom Design Story: Sun-Streamed Rooms

Showroom Design Story: Sun-Streamed Rooms

When we think of retreat, when we think of oasis, we picture bright, airy rooms filled with greenery, and the warmth of sunlight streaming through windows, bouncing off sea glass that looks as if it washed up on the shore of the Mediterranean.

Can you see it now? By day, a breeze whispers through curtains for walls. When the last of light fades, lanterns wink in the balmy night.

This is what we wanted to convey in one of our showroom designs – an outdoor space brought inside, the notion of sunlight streaming in working to heal, working to rejuvenate.

From privacy walls in urban gardens to sun rooms with floor to ceiling windows, we wanted to create an escape that mimicked the places we love that help bring a little style and function to our favorite outdoor living spaces.  Above, we chose our sea foam sea glass instead of gravel to pop against our concrete planters. Below, we staggered warm brown newport boats and vases and hung carafe vases and our roped hanging globes to soften the look of a cement brick wall.

Pictured below: Graphite Pots | Wai Planter | Eastwood Bowl  



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