Showroom Design Story: Exquisite Exile

Showroom Design Story: Exquisite Exile

This year, we wanted to honor this idea of Exquisite Exile in our showroom design where the dilapidated and discarded were redeemed by nature in a way that elevates our products and allows the two to live harmoniously side by side.

There is a magic to the sight of  exiled structures that mankind has long forgotten, like a child outgrowing their favorite toy, and yet, the earth slowly reclaims what we have left behind, leafy fingers permanently grasping at door knobs, petals peeking out of windows where faces once appeared, and twisting, gnarled vines festooned up high where chandeliers used to shimmer and sway.

Nature has an exquisitely eery way of taking over, and it is almost always a perfect, beautiful invasion that when observed, looks as though this was the way it always should be.

Pictured Above: Moulin Crystal Candelabra 

Top Left to Bottom Right: Goddess Vase | Beau Vase | Nile Budvase | Maven Vase

So we chose to honor the way nature takes back what was once belonging to her, and in a way, gives us hope for our future, for nature, and for beauty itself. When we let the beauty of this natural world take over, life itself wins.

Pictured Above: Nouveau Vase

Pictured Above: Beau Vase

This philosophy translated to pairing our most elegant and high end designs with rusted elements we salvaged from junk yards and staggering them among cloudy watercolors in jewel tones.

Tell us in the comments below – have you had success joining salvaged and distressed materials with your floral, event, or home decor designs?


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