2016 Top 10 Best Sellers

New and returning customers confirmed our trend forecast during market this year by favoring the majority of items we predicted would sell really well at Market in January.

The products in our 2016 collection have a wide range of styles and purposes. From elegant and gold details to quirky shapes and designs, market buyers expressed a need for everything.

There was one family of products, however, that truly shined: our Wildwood Votive Branch and Wilder Stands. Available for the first time in gold, they came in at the top of our list as the #1 best seller in the collection.

Read on to see how the rest of the top 10 ranked and what our customers had to say about them:

Similar to the Wildwood Branch Votive and Wilder Stands, there’s additional old favorites popping up in this year’s bestseller list but with new finishes like the Desiray Compote and Chic Vases now available in gold.

Products like our Birch Planters were made available in additional sizes, a huge request from customers in the past, and did not go unnoticed at market this year!

Even the Norman is a subtle variation to our Norah, but with the gold rim detail, customers are appreciating this slightly more polished, elegant take on the Norah.

Clean lines and shapes are always in high demand. These neutral and natural best sellers operate as workhorses, fitting many needs for our customers. The Rust Wall Planters are simple in design but make a bold statement – we love the idea of using these as an alternative gallery wall, filling them with lush plants to make an eco-friendly statement. Some customers plan to market these as mail holders as well.

The Tower Vases and Planters were another delight at market. The fiberglass material makes the planter itself lightweight, but customers love that they could take the even lighter plastic inserts out, making plant transportation for events and outdoor spaces a breeze.

We can’t tell you how many times we heard something along the lines of “wow, so unexpected form Accent Decor” when it came to a few of our playful additions to the 2016 collection. We’re not going to lie; we loved the reaction, and our customers affirmed our decision to introduce a few quirky twists into the collection by favoriting the Celfie Vase and the Totty Vase.

So there you have it: Our Top 10 Best Sellers from the 2016 collection. Let us know which of the top 10 are your favorites! Were there any in our 2016 collection that didn’t make the list, but you absolutely love?



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