Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Showroom Design Story: Exquisite Exile

This year, we wanted to honor this idea of Exquisite Exile in our showroom design where the dilapidated and discarded were redeemed by nature in a way that elevates our products and allows the two to live harmoniously side by side.

There is a magic to the sight of  exiled structures that mankind has long forgotten, like a child outgrowing their favorite toy, and yet, the earth slowly reclaims what we have left behind, leafy fingers permanently grasping at door knobs, petals peeking out of windows where faces once appeared, and twisting, gnarled vines festooned up high where chandeliers used to shimmer and sway.

Nature has an exquisitely eery way of taking over, and it is almost always a perfect, beautiful invasion that when observed, looks as though this was the way it always should be.

Moulin Crystal Candelabra by Accent Decor
Pictured Above: Moulin Crystal Candelabra

Showroom Design Ideas - Exquisite Exile by Accent Decor
Top Left to Bottom Right: Goddess Vase | Beau Vase | Nile Budvase | Maven Vase 

So we chose to honor the way nature takes back what was once belonging to her, and in a way, gives us hope for our future, for nature, and for beauty itself. When we let the beauty of this natural world take over, life itself wins.

Nouveau Vase by Accent Decor - tilted glass bowl

Pictured Above: Nouveau Vase

Vase Face! The Beau Vase by Accent Decor is a modern, minimal home decor item

Pictured Above: Beau Vase

This philosophy translated to pairing our most elegant and high end designs with rusted elements we salvaged from junk yards and staggering them among cloudy watercolors in jewel tones.

Industrial Chic - Showroom Design Inspiration - Exquisite Exile by Accent Decor

Tell us in the comments below - have you had success joining salvaged and distressed materials with your floral, event, or home decor designs?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meet Our New Floral Director: Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF

It's no surprise that we have been spoiled by the floral vision and design of Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF, so when we felt it was time to bring a floral director on board to assist with our showroom designs and photo shoots, there was just no question over who we should ask to join our creative team.

Interview with Accent Decor's Floral Director, Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF

From the Rose Parade to Presidential Inaugurations, Joyce has left her award-winning touch all over the country through some of the most stunning and inspiring floral work. Outside of Accent Decor, she's a sought after speaker and educator, and the president of AIFD.

As the Accent Decor Floral Director, Joyce has an active role in brainstorming the concept and themes for our photo shoots and creates mood boards to ensure a unified team vision. She also handles flower procurement for our shoots, partners with other designers, and designs and installs our showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, and Vegas.

She'll also be handling floral education for the Accent Decor staff so we can be more at the service of our customers, and gain a better understanding of what our customers do day in and day out.

Curious to know a little bit about Joyce's floral history and what inspires her? Continue reading for her amazing insight and knowledge:

On Choosing to Become a Florist

I really became a florist purely out of curiosity. When I was graduating from high school, I knew what college I wanted to attend, but wasn't really sure what career choice I wanted to do. I wanted something creative and interesting and discovered a floriculture program that was fairly new. I decided to check it out and instantly fell in love with floral design.

Bronze Zelda Boat - New for 2016 from Accent Decor, wholesale home decor and floral containers
SHOP THE LOOK: The Zelda Boat

On Getting Started in Floral Design

After graduating with a floriculture degree, I started working at a premium flower shop that I had interned with during college. This developed my retail career and skill level, but my true love of floral design is in teaching.

On Her Greatest Career Challenges

I think the biggest challenge in my career was getting too comfortable working in a shop. I realized that I needed to move on to continue to change myself and to continue developing my design skills. I overcame that by moving from the Midwest to Arizona. It is there that I met some great floral designers that guided and taught me to hone my skills. It opened opportunities that I would not have been exposed to.

The Moscow Pot - blue and white vase - new for 2016 from Accent Decor
SHOP THE LOOK: The Moscow Pot

On Working with Accent Decor

Accent Decor has such an incredible reputation within the floral industry, and I love working with the creative team because of the "young and fresh" thought process. I have been in the floral industry over 40 years and the "old school" thought processes, even though there is a place for those, are being challenged, and I am being inspired in a new way of thinking.

On Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many different formats, from architecture to nature, but I enjoy watching the fashion trends. Even though floral design styles are a constant, the inspiring part of floral design is that support products constantly change with the evolving trends. With new varieties of flowers being developed, new color combinations that can be color enhanced, and great textural applications that create interest, it all helps in keeping designs fresh and current.

Vase Fase! The Beau Vase from Accent Decor - wholesale home decor
SHOP THE LOOK: The Beau Vase

On Creative Outlets Outside of Floral Design

Besides the love of gardening which is kind of the same pathway, I have a love of baking. My life's mission has been to create the best chocolate chip cookie which I think I have mastered. But what I love most is taking out my frustrations on kneading bread. Nothing better! My ultimate dream is to learn to weld. Metal art, here I come!

Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, Floral Director for Accent Decor

On the Most Rewarding Part of Working in the Floral Industry

I think the most rewarding part of working in our industry is the people, and being with people that "get it." By that, I mean surrounding myself with creative minds that get excited about the same things. There is nothing worse that trying to explain my excitement to my husband, "Mr. Black and White," when all I see is color!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Top 10 Best Sellers

New and returning customers confirmed our trend forecast during market this year by favoring the majority of items we predicted would sell really well at Market in January.

The products in our 2016 collection have a wide range of styles and purposes. From elegant and gold details to quirky shapes and designs, market buyers expressed a need for everything.

Accent Decor Top 10 Best Sellers for 2016 - results from AmericasMart, Las Vegas Market, and Dallas Market

There was one family of products, however, that truly shined: our Wildwood Votive Branch and Wilder Stands. Available for the first time in gold, they came in at the top of our list as the #1 best seller in the collection. 

Read on to see how the rest of the top 10 ranked and what our customers had to say about them:

Wildwood & Wilder - Gold Branch Votive and votive stands from Accent Decor
Norman Pot - Industrial Gold Rimmed Pots from Accent Decor
Tower Planters - Light weight for outdoor garden spaces and events - from Accent Decor
Vintage Inspired Desiray Compote in Gold from Accent Decor

Similar to the Wildwood Branch Votive and Wilder Stands, there's additional old favorites popping up in this year's bestseller list but with new finishes like the Desiray Compote and Chic Vases now available in gold. 

Wholesale Home Decor Accents in Gold from Accent Decor
Products like our Birch Planters were made available in additional sizes, a huge request from customers in the past, and did not go unnoticed at market this year!

Even the Norman is a subtle variation to our Norah, but with the gold rim detail, customers are appreciating this slightly more polished, elegant take on the Norah.

Birch Wood Planters and Containers from Accent Decor
Vase Face! The Celfie Vase from Accent Decor, wholesale home decor

Clean lines and shapes are always in high demand. These neutral and natural best sellers operate as workhorses, fitting many needs for our customers. The Rust Wall Planters are simple in design but make a bold statement - we love the idea of using these as an alternative gallery wall, filling them with lush plants to make an eco-friendly statement. Some customers plan to market these as mail holders as well. 

The Tower Vases and Planters were another delight at market. The fiberglass material makes the planter itself lightweight, but customers love that they could take the even lighter plastic inserts out, making plant transportation for events and outdoor spaces a breeze. 

We can't tell you how many times we heard something along the lines of "wow, so unexpected form Accent Decor" when it came to a few of our playful additions to the 2016 collection. We're not going to lie; we loved the reaction, and our customers affirmed our decision to introduce a few quirky twists into the collection by favoriting the Celfie Vase and the Totty Vase

So there you have it: Our Top 10 Best Sellers from the 2016 collection. Let us know which of the top 10 are your favorites! Were there any in our 2016 collection that didn't make the list, but you absolutely love?