The New Succulent – Cactus Arrangement Inspi...

The New Succulent – Cactus Arrangement Inspiration

By definition, cacti are succulents, but with the popularity of quirky and soft succulents in all their various colors and forms, the cactus, with its prickly nature, is often placed at arms length.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Mini Cactus | Congo Pot  | Olympia Pot

However, we’ve seen a growing rise in the popularity of cacti. From embroidered patterns on soft material (which definitely makes the cactus far more approachable), to setting the tone for an entire wedding’s theme, the cactus is definitely gaining attention as the “new succulent.”


This year, for our showrooms, we wanted to elevate the cactus to the point where shoppers would be compelled to (carefully) reach out and embrace this sturdy little plant and show how the cactus adds fresh perspective to popular flowers and plants arranged in our pots, vases, and compotes.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Ash Pot | Reclaimed Wood BaseFolksy Vase | London Pot | Parson Vase

Our in-house florist, Joyce Mason-Monheim, harvested cacti herself from the “wilds” of Tucson and braved needles to bring us these inspiring arrangements in all of our showrooms.

Joyce says the only thing that kept her from transforming into a human porcupine was a leather apron. If you choose to tango with wild cactus like the prickly pear, be sure to arm yourself like Joyce did or you’ll be covered head to toe trying to pluck the needles out.

Prickly pear, does however, comes in a non-spiny form for those who rather not deal with those sinister little spikes.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Bentley Bowl | Ena Vase


Inspired by the playful nature of cactus shapes and colors, we paired inspirational prints and adventurous photographs next to one of the most lighthearted pieces in our 2016 collection: the Celfie Vase.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Celfie Vase | Charleston Jug | Fuse Tray | Zinc Canister | Grapevine Wreath | Colada Vase

In fact, we’re encouraging our customers to take selfies with the Celfie herself. Want to join in on the fun? If you see a Celfie, pick her up and snap a photo.

Share it with us on Instagram using: #thecelfieselfie

Want to see the arrangements and decor in person? Be sure to stop by our showrooms in Dallas and Vegas later this month:

January 20-26, 2016 | Dallas Market Center | WTC 280

January 24 – 28, 2016 | Las Vegas Market Center | C124





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