Our Top 10 2016 Bestseller Predictions

Our Top 10 2016 Bestseller Predictions

It’s Market Season and we know it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, but since releasing the new collection for 2016 on our website last week, we’re already seeing some top contenders. If you’re still unsure where to start (which we totally get – we can barely pick a favorite from all the deliciously beautiful new things ourselves), here’s our take on what we think is going to be big this year!

1. The Desiray Compote in Gold

With the popularity of the Desiray collection in silver, we know it’s only a matter of seconds before we see the Desiray in gold snatched up like hotcakes.

2. Romance Votive Collection

These votives in a sparkling rose hue are perfect for Valentine’s Day, spring, and all things wedding.

3. Antique Candlesticks

Brass candlesticks like these are all over Pinterest and for good reason – their nostalgic silhouettes remind us of classic tales of old.

4. Spade Pots

Take geometics to a homey, golden level with our Spade Pots featuring two designs: triangles and flowers

5. The Norman Collection

Dark and moody, the Norman Pot is a subtle option to help florals pop with just a touch of gold along the top rim.

6. Birch Planters with Zinc

The love for these natural containers was overwhelming last year, so we’re bringing them back in longer sizes.

7. Wildwood Votive in Gold

These metallic branches were a hit in 2015 with our offering in silver. Now, you can go for the gold.

8. The Celfie Vase

These little cuties will bring a smile to anyone’s face. In fact, we’re so smitten with them, we like to take selfies with our Celfies. If you get swept up in the charm of a Celfie, we want to see! Take a selfie with one and use the hashtag #TheCelfieSelfie so we can see!

9. Zelda Boat

This bronze beauty has a subtle glisten when light shines on it. Simple and regal all at once, customers are seeing this as a sturdy staple that brings an understated elegance to any environment.

10. Blu Pot

From colors to patterns, we’re seeing a trend in mediterranean and coastal design, and our Blu Pots bring a cheerful and vibrant look to our latest coastal inspired pieces.


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