Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet Our Giveaway Winner: Chris of Touch of Grace Florist & Gift Shop

In December, we announced we wanted to help one of our customers by covering transportation and lodging to Market. We asked our online community to nominate an Accent Decor customer they felt deserved to attend market, and you all really stepped up to the plate and sent us some amazing nominations.

We are so thankful to all of you who reached out and shared what's been going on in the businesses and lives of your loved ones, and we were pleasantly not surprised by all the positive things people had to say about our customers, because frankly, we have the BEST customers. You all work so hard to bring beauty and delight into the community through floral, event, and interior design!

The nomination that stood out to us came from a small flower shop in Massachusetts. Grace Pinhancos nominated her son, Christopher, to attend market, and we were thrilled to help make it possible for him to attend the Las Vegas show this year.  Above, he's pictured in our Vegas Showroom with Monique (left), a member of our buying team, and Frank Hofland (right), co-founder of Accent Decor.

Chris told us he loved the look of the showroom, and it was very in tune with the look of his own store, Touch of Grace Florist & Gift Shop in North Dartmouth. We won't lie; we love it when our customers are inspired by the designs in our showroom. We really work hard to create experiences that will enhance our products and relate to current trends.

We chose Chris because it struck us how crucial it is for younger generations to take the time and understand what came before, to learn that parents are more than caregivers; they're people with dreams and strengths and determinations of their own. We love that Chris saw that in his mother, that he didn't see the family business as something to take him off track, but as something to merge with his existing skills. We love that flare for adaptability and perseverance, and we could go on and on, but perhaps, words from Grace, Chris' mother, will serve you best:

I'm a follower of your blog and a recent post caught my eye and spoke to my heart. I'm reaching out to nominate a very special person to experience this market trip which is my son, Christopher Pinhancos. I've been a floral designer and shop owner for 15+ years and recently had to make some hard decisions when it came to the future of my business that I have worked so many years to build. 

Due to the the repetition of so many years of designing and working in the floral business, I have developed serious carpal tunnel in both my hands and I'm dealing with a muscle disorder. I have two sons, but Chris was always very much interested in all aspects of design from florals to interiors. At a young age, he would come home from school and sit on a stool and watch me work and ask many questions on how the business operated. He went to school and has always worked in the hospitality industry until recently. He made the decision as I was on the verge of selling my business due to health reasons, to continue to build our family business, and change career paths to something he never believed he could do.

He recently quit his steady income job to learn in more depth how my business operates, and will  be taking complete ownership very soon. I cannot express to you on how proud of a mother I am to see him take over the business. But on how so very talented he is and all the amazing ideas he has come up with for the store. 
He has recently invested his money in doing a complete remodel of our storefront. All of my new customers are so happy with the changes and are constantly complimenting the new look and changes at the store. He has introduced your line to our customers and he is very much a huge fan of your products. 

We have both always heard such amazing things of these design shows and have always tried to make it a point to experience one. I would love for him to experience this opportunity and continue to be inspired to show the beautiful talent that lies in him. I hope you may consider him for this trip. Happy Holidays!
Grace Pinhancos

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New Succulent - Cactus Arrangement Inspiration

By definition, cacti are succulents, but with the popularity of quirky and soft succulents in all their various colors and forms, the cactus, with its prickly nature, is often placed at arms length.
SHOP THE PHOTO: Mini Cactus | Congo Pot  | Olympia Pot
However, we've seen a growing rise in the popularity of cacti. From embroidered patterns on soft material (which definitely makes the cactus far more approachable), to setting the tone for an entire wedding's theme, the cactus is definitely gaining attention as the "new succulent."

This year, for our showrooms, we wanted to elevate the cactus to the point where shoppers would be compelled to (carefully) reach out and embrace this sturdy little plant and show how the cactus adds fresh perspective to popular flowers and plants arranged in our pots, vases, and compotes.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Ash Pot | Reclaimed Wood BaseFolksy Vase | London Pot | Parson Vase

Our in-house florist, Joyce Mason-Monheim, harvested cacti herself from the "wilds" of Tucson and braved needles to bring us these inspiring arrangements in all of our showrooms.

Joyce says the only thing that kept her from transforming into a human porcupine was a leather apron. If you choose to tango with wild cactus like the prickly pear, be sure to arm yourself like Joyce did or you'll be covered head to toe trying to pluck the needles out.

Prickly pear, does however, comes in a non-spiny form for those who rather not deal with those sinister little spikes.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Bentley Bowl | Ena Vase

Inspired by the playful nature of cactus shapes and colors, we paired inspirational prints and adventurous photographs next to one of the most lighthearted pieces in our 2016 collection: the Celfie Vase.

SHOP THE PHOTO: Celfie Vase | Charleston Jug | Fuse Tray | Zinc Canister | Grapevine Wreath | Colada Vase

In fact, we're encouraging our customers to take selfies with the Celfie herself. Want to join in on the fun? If you see a Celfie, pick her up and snap a photo.

Share it with us on Instagram using: #thecelfieselfie

Want to see the arrangements and decor in person? Be sure to stop by our showrooms in Dallas and Vegas later this month:

January 20-26, 2016 | Dallas Market Center | WTC 280

January 24 - 28, 2016 | Las Vegas Market Center | C124

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our Top 10 2016 Bestseller Predictions

It's Market Season and we know it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, but since releasing the new collection for 2016 on our website last week, we're already seeing some top contenders. If you're still unsure where to start (which we totally get - we can barely pick a favorite from all the deliciously beautiful new things ourselves), here's our take on what we think is going to be big this year!

1. The Desiray Compote in Gold

With the popularity of the Desiray collection in silver, we know it's only a matter of seconds before we see the Desiray in gold snatched up like hotcakes.

2. Romance Votive Collection

These votives in a sparkling rose hue are perfect for Valentine's Day, spring, and all things wedding.

3. Antique Candlesticks

Brass candlesticks like these are all over Pinterest and for good reason - their nostalgic silhouettes remind us of classic tales of old. 

4. Spade Pots

Take geometics to a homey, golden level with our Spade Pots featuring two designs: triangles and flowers

5. The Norman Collection

Dark and moody, the Norman Pot is a subtle option to help florals pop with just a touch of gold along the top rim. 

6. Birch Planters with Zinc

The love for these natural containers was overwhelming last year, so we're bringing them back in longer sizes. 

7. Wildwood Votive in Gold

These metallic branches were a hit in 2015 with our offering in silver. Now, you can go for the gold.

8. The Celfie Vase

These little cuties will bring a smile to anyone's face. In fact, we're so smitten with them, we like to take selfies with our Celfies. If you get swept up in the charm of a Celfie, we want to see! Take a selfie with one and use the hashtag #TheCelfieSelfie so we can see!

9. Zelda Boat

This bronze beauty has a subtle glisten when light shines on it. Simple and regal all at once, customers are seeing this as a sturdy staple that brings an understated elegance to any environment.

10. Blu Pot

From colors to patterns, we're seeing a trend in mediterranean and coastal design, and our Blu Pots bring a cheerful and vibrant look to our latest coastal inspired pieces. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Take a Look: Accent Decor 2016 Collection

Are you ready for a fresh look at our newest products for 2016? We've been having the hardest time keeping these new pieces under wraps, but now that 2015 is officially out the door, we're excited to show you all the new shapes, new colors, and even new faces we're adding to our product line. Here's a look at some of our favorite products - now available!

New Twists on Bestsellers

Last year, you all fell in love with our Chic Vases, Wildwood Branch Centerpiece, and Birch Planters, so we're bringing them back in new colors and sizes this year!

Dark Romance

Classical shapes in bold tones and unique textures bring a lot of romance to our 2016 collection. From exaggerated heights to tributes of eras long forgotten, we wanted to mix a healthy dose of opulence and elegance to the collection.

Island Inspired

Swirling shades of coastal blues, tropical fruit, and effortless designs add a sense of warmer climates, vibrant life, and exotic landscapes to our 2016 collection. 

SHOP THE LOOK: Aloha Pot | Maui Vase | PiƱa

Global Marketplace

Ancient civilizations, centuries-old techniques, and regal shapes inspired a great portion of the 2016 collection. We love to go big and go bold so we traveled the world for beautiful patterns, vibrant colors, and stunning textures to inspire the globetrotter within.