Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration for Florists

Mandy Makerik of HotHouse Design Studio teamed up with Accent Decor to create inspiring floral arrangements for their wholesale valentine's day collectionShop the Look: Ellewood Urn

For most, February 14, represents a holiday to take a little extra time out and remind your loved ones just how much love you have to share with them, but for a lot of florists, it's one of the busiest (and let's be really honest - stressful) days of the year, and ordering product and flowers for the Valentine rush after you've barely recovered from the winter holiday festivities is really a honed skill for dedicated business owners.

Moody Wholesale Compotes and Chalices by Accent Decor

This season, we teamed up with Mandy Majerik of HotHouse Design Studio to create an inspiring Valentine's Day mailer that we hoped would spark a new-found love and unique approach to this heart-heavy holiday.

The Celfie Pot - a unique and adorable face vase design by Accent Decor
Shop the Look: Chocolate Celfie Pot

Mandy filled our V-day container picks with modern, yet romantic, floral arrangements filled with flowers such as attention-grabbing red poppies that contrast well against soft, blush ranunculus. She also let loose with our celfie collection, creating beautiful floral headpieces for our popular face vases!

We also wanted to feature some newer product with a modern heart motif, and Mandy really delivered in our newest spade pots and white heart stands.

Modern, Gold Heart Garden Pot by Accent DecorShop the Look: Spade Pot and Vase

White Heart Stand - perfect for rosebuds for valentine's day by Accent Decor
Shop the Look: White Heart Stand

Can't wait to see more wholesale valentine's day goods? Head over to AccentDecor.com and shop our Valentine's Day collection!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#AccentDecorBaroque Winners

As the year comes to an end, we are thrilled to look back on all the beautiful and inspiring design that our customers have created along side us as we lived out the trends we announced during market over the summer. Our customers have walked with us through Africa, looked back to Jackie O. for inspiration, and made holiday magic with us by creating looks that focused on the contrast of dark and light. 

For our final Instagram style challenge of the year, we asked our customers to put a look together a floral arrangement or styled vignette inspired by the Baroque period, and they did not disappoint! Our judges sorted through hundreds of Instagram posts to find the one they resonated with them the most. 

Best Baroque Styled Vignette

Judging for best styled vignette, was our creative director, Sarah Bagle, who sets the tone for Accent Decor's trends and product collections from the start. 

"Twisted Stem Floral's design stood out because it felt reminiscent of a 17th century Dutch still-life painting, which is exactly what inspired us when putting together the Baroque trend story in our showroom and catalog," Sarah said. "The lighting and movement of the florals offset by the addition of the pears strike a perfect balance."  

With a combination of 39 years as a floral designer and university art professor, John Regan of Twisted Stem Floral definitely had plenty of knowledge and skill to draw from when executing his design. 

"So you could say that my Ph.D. in Art History informs my style.  I love the tenebrism of Baroque art and try to routinely impart that highly romantic and classic style to my designs and photos," John said.

You can follow John on Instagram at @twistedstem

Best Baroque Floral Arrangement

Judging for floral arrangements inspired by the Baroque period was Mandy Majerik of Hot House Design Studio. Mandy often designs for our photo shoots here at Accent Decor, and recently wrapped up all the designs for our latest valentine's day mailer

As a floral designer with a strong foundation in technique and a constant eye on what's trending in design, it's no surprise that she picked an outstanding autumn inspired arrangement as the winner.  

And that winner is Katie Walden of Floranthropist in Redding, CA, who is inspired by classic design and eclectic beauty.

"The composition of the arrangement lends itself to being reminiscent of the still life painting theme put forward in the AD trend," Mandy said. "
Overall, the colors, floral selection and texture of the arrangement work so well together. The shape of the arrangement is what caught my attention at first glance. The bountiful design is a great reflection of baroque."

"The bouquet that won, I made for an antique show in our area, Roses and Rust. These were the last of the Cafe au Laits for the year, and I had a lot of Autumn flowers in the fridge," Katie said. "It was a lovely flower making experience. I was in a hurry, but my husband said, "you have to take a picture!" I am so glad I listened to him!"

You can follow Katie on Instagram at @Floranthropist

Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Spotlight: Our Customers Show Off their Holiday Displays

The floral industry is always changing, and when it does, we look to our customers and try to find the balance between meeting their needs and offering them opportunities that put them one step ahead of ever-changing trends.

Now, it's becoming more and more necessary for florists to start carrying gift items to supplement the centerpiece and wreath requests for the holidays, and so this year, we've taken huge strides to become their #1 source for holiday decor in addition to design-focused containers and accessories.

One of the most rewarding sights for us this year has been seeing so many of our customers sharing how they decorate their shops with Accent Decor holiday products.

We thought we'd share some of our favorite Instagram glimpses into the window displays and shelf merchandising that's been making our hearts full this season.

Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop

@mtlebanonfloral uses our Townsend Houses and Navidad Trees to promote Small Business Saturday in her shop.

KD Floral

@KDFloral mixed the clean whites of our Vava Votives and Alps Trees with the metallic lines of our Star Wire Ornaments and Wire Star Candleholder against a wood and burlap backdrop for a beautiful modern-meets-rustic holiday look. 

Garden Heights Nursery

@GardenHeights created a rustic, Scandinavian-inspired wonderland in their shop complete with our  Rudolph, Cement Santas, and Mr. Claus figurines (P.S. Did you see their debut in our holiday video??) along with our Whoville trees, Scandi Trees, and Snow Globes.

Veronica Russell Interiors

@vrinteriors adds our wintery Roly Poly Wisemen to a golden side-table vignette.  

The Red Rooster

@redroosterboerne was inspired by ornament ladder display idea from our 2016 summer showroom, and set up a vintage ladder complete with our Eternal Ornaments

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our New Website is Live!

AccentDecor.Com just got a pretty big makeover! Curious to know what's different? 

Here's the breakdown below:

Registered Customers can order catalogs - for free!

Our catalogs have always been free for customers, but we've made the process as easy as adding them to your cart when you're putting an order in. You'll always get a new catalog by mail when they come out, but often our customers request additional ones, so this will make the wait between catalogs much better! Just add a catalog to your current order and we'll send it with the rest of your shipment.

Shop New Arrivals by Category

Before, you could only see our new collections as a whole, but now you can shop according to category. Only interested in the new ceramics and could care less about new accessories? You can view accordingly!

Sort Products by Width, Height, Material, and Color

Sometimes, you're looking for something really specific for a customer. Curious to see every blue ceramic pot we carry? Well, now you can sort sub categories by specific dimensions and looks.

More Account Control

It's now easier than ever for customers to access their account information and make changes without emailing or calling customer support. Customers can even view most purchased products and see recommended products based on their purchase history. You'll have a dashboard as well where you can do a quick inventory look up, and change or add shipping and billing addresses.

Do Business Better

We love helping our customers succeed. From creating a PDF portfolio that allows you to pitch ideas to clients to a retailer locator map in the works, we're working hard to make AccentDecor.com into an online experience that helps you run your business more smoothly and efficiently so you can do more of what you love.

What do you love most about the new website? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flower and Gift Shop Display Ideas for the Holidays

At market this year, our showroom team experimented with new ways to display products in large quantites, and the results were impressive! By displaying snowflakes, planters, and ornaments in mass, we created an experience for our shoppers at market, inspiring them to bring these looks home to their own stores and projects, as well as introducing them to product they may have otherwise missed.

Here's a break down of our most successful displays, the materials we used, and the products to go along with them:


Difficulty Level: Super Easy

Materials Needed:
  • velvet ribbon
  • Ornaments (varying sizes and colors)
  • old ladder

We tracked down an old wooden ladder and hung our Ariel and Anomaly ornaments from it to create a Christmas tree alternative display in the shot below, and used our Eternal ornament collection in the showrooms. Customers loved the ladder, and it was a great way to not only show off the newest color added to the collection, but to also show how beautiful it looks paired with the other colors we already carried.


Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Materials Needed:

The great thing about our Flux Planters is that they come in three different styles, but they all fit together to create a jaw-dropping geometric display. Depending on what you want to achieve, this project can be as simple as stacking a few on a table or attaching them under tables and up walls.

The flux planter display looks great empty or  filled with florals. Their minimal design makes them a versatile display for any time of the year.


Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard

Materials Needed:
The easy part to this project is hanging paper snowflakes from ta drop ceiling. A few snowflakes were hung from the trees we built, but the majority were suspended from the ceiling to look as though snow had just begun to fall (Our large snowflakes also double as lanterns if you want to set an illuminated mood). 

Our showroom ceilings are super high so hanging them was a two-person job, but if you're space isn't too large, this should be a fairly easy task that has a strong visual impact.

Depending on your comfort with a miter saw and (how high your ceilings are), the tree structures we built were fairly easy (but can be time consuming) to pull off. We screwed thin pieces of wood at varying angles to 2x4's to create barren trees that flanked our display tables. 

What sort of product displays have worked with you in the past, especially for the holidays? Have you tried implementing one of our showroom displays in your store? Let us know in the comments below - and send us a photo. We love to see what you're making!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let's Go Baroque!

Get ready to channel your inner Dutch Master Painter with our last Instagram style challenge of the year! In our showrooms this year, we were inspired by Baroque still life paintings with a modern twist. Now,  it's your turn to show us your interpretation of our trend story, Baroque Bumble!

While it's super fun just to take the challenge, we also like rewarding those that participate. Two winners will be selected to receive $1000 each to shop Accent Decor!

Floral arrangement with figs - inspired by Baroque Still life - Accent Decor, Inc

The Challenge

Oct. 31 - Nov. 28: Style a floral arrangement, tablescape or home decor vignette inspired by the Baroque period. Add your personal flair and a modern touch to update the look.

Follow us on Instagram (@AccentDecorInc) and share your creation on Instagram with #AccentDecorBaroque in the caption!

The Inspiration

Imitation is the best form of flattery, so here's some Flemish Baroque Art to give you a foundation, and here's some of our own photos to inspire! Also, check out the inspiration behind our Baroque inspired trend story to see how we interpreted this look in our showrooms.

Baroque-inspired floral arrangement by BloomAtlanta for Accent Decor in the Laville Vase

Foraged, modern Baroque florals by Moonflower for Accent Decor

The Nitty-Gritty Rules

  • Contest runs Oct. 31 - Nov. 28. Participants are asked to Follow us on Instagram (@AccentDecorInc) and use #AccentDecorBaroque in their entry's caption. 
  • There is no purchase necessary to register with us or to participate. While we would love to see how Accent Decor products inspire your creations, using our product will not be a deciding factor in who wins.
  • In order to be eligible to win, you must have a business license. If you are not a registered customer with Accent Decor, you will need to start the application process in order to receive the $1000 account credit.
  • Two winners will be selected and each winner will receive a $1000 credit to shop our newest products. Winners will be announced Monday, December 5, 2016.
  • Winners will be picked by the Accent Decor Creative Director and one of their guest floral designers.
  • Participants can share as many photos as they want in both categories, but they will only be able to win in one category. 
  • Our social media strategist will share photos each week of the challenge, but photos shared on the @AccentDecorInc account do not reflect the judge's preferences. 
  • We'll contact the winners directly through email or Instagram's direct message to collect their prize on Monday, December 5, 2016.
  • Freight: For winners, free economy freight will be applied for US continental only. 
  • Image Rights: By tagging your image #AccentDecorBaroque on Instagram, you're giving permission for Accent Decor to share your image on www.accentdecor.com, in the Accent Decor newsletter, on this blog, and on any Accent Decor social media channels. Proper photo and design credit will be given.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

#AccentDecorColor Winning Designs

As always, we receive an amazing amount of entries for our contests, and with two style challenges under our belt, it's no surprise that the entries just keep getting better and better. For this challenge, we asked our Instagram followers to create styled vignettes or floral arrangements inspired by our showroom story: Jackie O

Judging for us this time was Accent Decor's art director, Margaret Hofland, and the Sales Manager, Eva Lester.

Margaret's pick was Madeline's Flowers (@MadelineFlowers) who put together a whole shoot in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City. With roots in the 60s and early 70s, the women of Madeline's felt this was the perfect location to show off their modern and colorful designs.

From the flower crown on our Beau Vase to the gradient of mini pumpkins, dahlias, succulents, and coxcomb, we were so impressed by the bold use of color that hit the nail on the head with color blocking.

Madeline's Flower Shop is a 3rd generation florist serving Oklahoma for over 60 years. Started by Madeline Graham, the shop is now owned by Madeline's daughter and granddaughters, Lenzee, Lacee, and Barbara. 

Photos for the shoot were provided by Mandy Stansberry Photography.

Eva selected Uche of Designs by Oochay (@designsbyoochay) for her beautiful floral arrangement that brought this beautiful styled shoot together. We loved how Uche picked flowers that coordinated so well with the bold and bright details on the table.

"This tablescape was a part of a styled shoot put together by an awesome team of creatives," says Uche. "It was inspired by our love of bright, vivid colors, and we wanted to incorporate an Anthropologie inspired vibe into this shoot."

For the florals, Uche used a variety of textures and colorful blooms including ranunculus, zinnias, coxcomb, roses, dahlia, hydrangeas, scabiosa, astilbe, and mixed greenery to achieve the organic, yet bold design.

Here's the list of all the vendors Uche worked with to pull the look together:

Photography: Taken By Sarah 
Coordination + Design: L & L Events 
Cake + Desserts: Catherine George Cakes 
Hair + Makeup: TMAK Artistry 
Men's Ware:Geek Restored 
Ring: Susie Saltzman 
Stationery: Oda Creative 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lost Before Christmas - Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection

Our 2016 holiday collection has been quite busy this year. With a successful debut during the summer trade shows, it's gearing up for the winter market and well, with all the excitement, a few little mishaps are bound to happen.

In fact, our own Rudolph Reindeer had a mishap (although some would argue it was more of a grand adventure) of his own. Sometimes, magical things happen here at Accent Decor when you aren't looking closely. After all, when the lights are out, and the staff has gone for the day, who's to say the shelves don't come to life?

Curious to know more about the featured products? Read on to shop holiday products from the video or skip to the whole Accent Decor 2016 Holiday Collection here!


1. Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph (and family!) comes with a cement body and wooden, hand-painted face. Metal antlers Complete his Nordic inspired look. Available in 2 sizes.

2. Candyland Trees
Beautiful, colored glass holiday trees with hollow centers are easy to illuminate with our battery operated LED string lights.

3. Roly Poly Santa
Roly Poly Santa's hand-painted features remind us of grandmother's holiday heirlooms from the old country. Place him on a mantle or stick him in a holiday floral arrangement for a customer. Available in 2 sizes.

4. Tavern Candleholder
White ceramic houses with geometric patterns and triangular window cut outs are a modern take on miniature holiday houses. Available in 3 unique patterns and sizes.

5. Car Ornament
This cement car ornament is full of nostalgia with it's little wooden tree tied up on top.

6. Mr. Claus
Tall and skinny or short and squat, take your pick of our Mr. Claus figurine with his simple cement body and hand painted face and hat.

7. Joyeux Deer
The Joyeux Deer's Scandinavian design and silhouette make it the perfect minimal holiday decor piece. Available in two different sizes and patterns, the Joyeux Deer also coordinates with two beautifully patterned trees for a complete collection.

8. Shaggy Tree
Soft wool is hand draped for a beautiful, organic take on the christmas tree. Complete with a little wooden star and bark base, these Scandinavian-inspired shaggy trees offer a winter-white alternative to typical evergreen holiday decor. Available in 3 sizes.

9. Fawn
These fawns are made of overlapping lines of golden wire for a modern, geometric-inspired take on a classic holiday symbol. Available in 2 sizes.

10. Cement Santa
Resembling the European garden gnome, these minimally designed Scandinavian Santas are adorable with their tiny wooden trees behind their back. Available in 3 sizes.

11. Snow Globes
Our modern take on a holiday favorite, these snow globes in white and gold feature modern silhouettes of reindeer and christmas trees. Available in 2 sizes.

12. Navidad Tree
You can never go wrong with bottlebrush tree decor for your holiday vignettes.  Our trees are flocked with snow and available in 3 sizes.

Have a favorite holiday piece from the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, October 3, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Upsell Holiday Gift Items in Your Flower Shop

With floral shops increasing the amount of gift items they carry during the holidays, we wanted to add to our Accent Decor holiday offerings to make sure our amazing floral customers are covered from containers to gift wrap this season. Here's three really simple ways to increase value to your Accent Decor holiday products and upgrade your arrangements for a one-stop-shop experience.

1. Combine Two Products To Make One Unique One

While the Candyland Trees are beautiful on their own, they're hollow, making them perfect for stuffing with our LED light strands. The same goes for our Tavern Candleholders! Sell the lights and gift item bundled together for instant holiday display decor that customers can take home and set up right away.

Candy cane Trees and Mini Holiday Houses from Accent Decor

2. Upgrade Floral Arrangements with Figurines

Our birch containers are always popular around the holidays and with the right flowers, they say "holiday" quite easily. Why not kick it up a notch with a Roly Poly Santa or two? Customers get a fun holiday arrangement with two reusable pieces.

Holiday Gift Items for Floral Arrangements

3. Put together gift box sets with fresh flowers.

We love the idea of pairing our display box, glitter votives, and handmade journals with local soaps, a cozy throw, and wintery florals for a "staycation" themed gift box. Set up a variety of themed gift boxes, photograph them, and add them to the website as a premium Christmas gift.Need ideas? MyDomain shared 7 companies that add a modern flair to box gift sets with flowers. 
Holiday Gift Box

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

From Paris with Love: Maison + Objet 2016 Recap

Every year, our showroom and product development teams travel to Paris to attend the Maison + Objet show during Paris Design Week. The trip provides a chance for idea generation and good discussion around possibilities for Accent Decor to grow and improve.

"I try to approach Maison + Objet without expectations. I find this leaves my mind open to discovery, rather than looking for something specific," Sarah Bagle, Creative Director at Accent Decor, said. "We always come back from Paris with building blocks, affirmations and a pulse on trends. This trip was no exception to that."

Paris Design Week allows the showroom and product development team to get a pulse on what is happening in design. For Accent Decor's creative consultant, Jessica Hiemstra, it provides the opportunity to open her "artist's heart" to new, bold, and interesting design. 

"Everything that I look at from someone's outfit to another vendor's display allows me to scribble in my notebook as I prepare to bring innovations and problems to our team to interpret and bring to life in the showrooms," Jessica said.  

To prepare for the trip, Sarah made sure to keep the team up to date with her observations and innovative ideas. She communicated that deep greens, a masculine/scientific approach to plants and florals, and heavy, urban jungle-inspired interiors were on the rise.

"What I came away knowing was not just that we were "on point" with trends, but that in some ways, we are ahead," Jessica said. "Sarah's creative direction is not just aligned with what we saw in Paris, but also innovative, new, and distinctly American in design."

As we all know, inspiration comes from a lot of different sources and Accent Decor's creative team strives to interpret with displays that are appealing, inspiring and pragmatic to customers.

"We want to get our customers excited about how they can interpret our inspirations in their stores or at the events they create, so we take cues from many exhibits and the displays at Maison + Objet," Liz Zwissler, Design Director for Accent Decor, said. "Once they've passed through the filters of our hearts and minds, they become what we are proud to present to the industry. "

Accent Decor always stresses the importance of being open to new inspiration while respecting the practical side of being a business. Without the human hours and financial support that go hand-in-hand with bringing inspiration to life, a space will struggle to become an experience, something both Liz and Jessica are passionate about maintaining in the Accent Decor showrooms.

Vincent Gregoire's talk on trends really reinforced the concept of the experience for the team.

"He talked about how customers today can go online, and digitally get so much of what they want, so when they go to a store, they are going for more than just an object," Jessica said. "They are going in order to experience a place, and I think it's worth it to inspire people and remember we should be offering an experience," Jessica said.

So what can customers expect to see from Accent Decor in 2017? 

"Accent Decor customers can expect to be kept up to date with trends as we release our own trend and color stories yet again that have influences from around the globe," Sarah said. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

5 Color Blocking Tips for Visual Merchandising

Color blocking doesn't mean you have to arrange all your products in a rainbow row, but considering it for your shop or window display could help bring an organized, cohesive look to your merchandising.

In our showroom, we had a section inspired by Jackie O. and color played a huge part in that story. While we used color blocking mainly in the environment around our products, we were also strategic in the products we chose to live there - sticking to metallics, neutrals, and glass to help the paint and florals pop.

Here's a few tips you can use to bring color blocking to your own merchandising displays:

1. Know Your Color Wheel:

Paying attention to color harmony is a necessary step in the process. Here's some popular starting points to keep in mind when choosing colors.

Complementary - opposites on the color wheel. Great for making certain colors stand out 
Triad - colors that are evenly spaced from each other on the color wheel
Analogous - colors that are next to each other on the color wheel

Need help picking the perfect palette? We love Adobe's Color Wheel Tool.

2. Tell A Story:

Use autumn jewel tones to feature your new fall line or pick out muted neutrals if you're showing off your eco friendly products. By pairing your products with specific colors, you're inspiring your customers with a story and allowing them to visualize your products in an environment that appeals to them.

For our Jackie O. Story, we chose to focus a lot on white, clear, metallic, and pastel products that had strong lines and bold shapes, all features that were popular in the 1960s. Adding our cement pieces grounded the story and gave it an updated, industrial touch.

3. Use Your Products:

While we used color blocking mainly in the environment around our products, we also used our flux planters to help bring our Jackie O. story to life. With the geometric angles, stacking ability, and easy to drill material, the Flux Planter added visual interest not only to our walls, but to our tabletops, acting as product risers. By using an all white product in mass, we had a dimensional blank canvas to build upon.

4. Think about flow and direction

In order for the whole look to feel anchored, we designed our color flow to travel from bottom to top. So, the heaviest, darkest tones sat at the bottom, and then we added white to the paint to get lighter and lighter as we painted our display structures.

5. Take Risks

Sometimes, our best work comes when we break the rules a little bit. When adding strips of colored paper and pairing products together, we embraced symmetry rather than sticking to the hard-fast rule of thirds in product groupings or keeping everything asymmetrical.

What sort of risks have you taken in your merchandising that really paid off? Tell us in the comments below!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#AccentDecorColor: Win $1000 to Shop Accent Decor

On Instagram, we've been so inspired by our followers' take on Africa.  We've also loved how you all went Scandinavian for the holidays, and now we're excited to announce our third Instagram contest: #AccentDecorColor, a styling and floral design challenge inspired by color blocking and the iconic style of Jackie O.

We'll be selecting TWO winners who will each be awarded a $1000 credit to their Accent Decor Account.

One winner will be chosen for best floral design inspired by one dominating color and one winner will be chosen for best styled look inspired by one dominating color.

5 Things You Need to Do:
1. Follow us on Instagram: @AccentDecorInc
2. Design a floral arrangement, tablescape, or home decor vignette inspired by one dominating color!
3. Share your design on Instagram between September 12 and October 10 using #AccentDecorColor somewhere in your caption.
4. Make sure your profile is public so we don't miss your entry!
5.  Be a registered customer (or be willing to register) of Accent Decor so we can add the $1000 credit to your account if you're selected the winner!

Ideas to incorporate in your entries: 
  • Color blocking 
  • Tone on tone layering
  • Mid-century design
Need more inspiration? Check out our blog post on how Jackie O. inspired one of our showroom looks this year.

Participant Eligibility:
In order to be eligible to win, you must have a business license. If you are not a registered customer with Accent Decor, you will need to start the application process in order to receive the $1000 account credit. 

There is no purchase necessary to register with us or to participate. While we would love to see how Accent Decor products inspire your creations, using our product will not be a deciding factor in who wins. 

To register, fill out our online registration form.

Selecting the Winner:
Two winners will be selected and each winner will receive a $1000 credit to shop our newest products. Winners will be announced Monday, October 17 2016.

Winners will be picked by the Accent Decor Art Director and one of their guest floral designers.

Participants can share as many photos as they want in both categories, but they will only be able to win in one category. 

Our social media strategist will share photos each week of the challenge, but photos shared on the @AccentDecorInc account do not reflect the judge's preferences. 

We'll contact the winners directly through email to collect their prize on Monday, October 17, 2016.

Freight: For winners, free economy freight will be applied for US continental only. 

Image Rights: By tagging your image #AccentDecorColor, you're giving permission for Accent Decor to share your image on www.accentdecor.com, in the Accent Decor newsletter, on this blog, and on any Accent Decor social media channels. Proper photo credit will be given.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's Take a Celfie: The Original Edition

No two Celfies are the same with their hand painted faces, and we appreciate our customers giving each Celfie a unique look, so we thought it was about time we put together a round up of customers who love styling our original gal.


Big hair don't care with Amelia's arrangement in the Celfie Vase with a beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons from Froufrou Chic.


Fallon's Flowers, a North Carolina base for McCarthy Group Florists, named their resident Celfie vase Flora, and every Friday, they share a photo of Flora's new look on Instagram along with a breakdown of blooms used. 

"Not only is [the Celfie] just adorable, but it's an outlet for creativity. Our designers love coming up with Flora's new 'do," says Taylor of McCarthy Group Florists. "It's a way to think differently about the flower varieties we have, and forces us to think about how we can craft the product to look like something Flora could  'wear.' 

Here's a few of our favorite looks on Flora:

photos by McCarthy Group Florists


Jessica of Bloomer's Flowers and Decor shows how effortless it can be to style the Celfie with houseplants like the air plant and Sanseveria.


Madeline's Flowers goes glam with their celfie - she looks like she walked straight out of a party thrown by Jay Gatsby. Photos by Mandy Stansberry Photography

@bethington13Beth has started a little Celfie family and has a mix of potted house plants and arranged blooms:

Want to be featured next time? We'd love to see how you style the chocolate and caramel Celfies, so send them to Christina[at]accentdecor.com along with your social media handle of choice and any other details you'd like to include (flowers in the arrangement, why the Celfie is good for your business, or which size is your favorite to arrange in)! Don't forget to let us know who took the photo if you had someone help you.

Want to take some Celfies of your own? Join the party on Instagram with #CelfieVase