New to the Creative Team: Meet Christina

New to the Creative Team: Meet Christina

Name: Christina Conrad
Role at Accent Decor: Social Media Strategist and Copywriter

Growing up an introvert, I devoured books and could sit for hours dreaming up stories to write. To this day, I still prefer to sort through piles of photographs and flip through albums over scrolling through my phone’s gallery. I am a millennial, but I grew up knowing a time before digital landscapes of algorithms and oversharing. I still remember seeing a digital camera for the first time and wondering at its magic. 
photograph by Serena Cevenini

But if there’s one thing that keeps me from getting stuck in my ways, it’s my overwhelming curiosity of embracing technology and change in a way that can enhance a story rather than compete with it. I guess that’s the benefit of being born on the cusp of digital photography and social media. I knew and appreciated what came before, but I was positioned to gradually embrace and grow with this new future.

Now, I spend most of my time taking photographs, writing, and learning how social media can be an incredible tool that connects people and the stories they love. I’m excited about the opportunity to share compelling stories for a company that’s passionate about their customers, innovative design, and their community.

What Inspires Me: I’m inspired by quiet moments, secret recipes, and sweeping landscapes on an overcast day. I also love history, and I’m often looking to the past for inspiration. From the shadowy and dramatic art of the Baroque period to the classic and nostalgic look of Colonial Revival homes, I’m intrigued by techniques that survive the test of time and are still revered today.

Current Favorite Design Trends: Lately, I’ve been inspired by moody interiors, organic wooden details, victorian-inspired design, and copper accents.

Current Favorite Accent Decor Product: The Victoria Lantern. This piece is so enchanting! From the etched design in the mercury glass panels to the aged metal frame, I definitely feel transported to another era when I look at it.

I’m looking forward to blogging for you all and hanging out online together as we pour over beautiful florals and home decor trends!

You can always reach out to me in the comments of this blog or on social media in the following places!


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