Don’t Miss Our Holiday Sale

Have you heard? A selection of our 2015 Holiday Collection is on sale! With a discount of 30% or more, it’ll be hard to pass on some of these charming seasonal pieces.

Choose from a variety of holiday favorites like our Snowflake Trees or Noel Birch Sign to help complete the look of some of this season’s trends.

Every year, holiday decor has the power to spark our merriest memories. Here’s a look at two of our favorite holiday looks that will continue the tradition of evoking the season’s brightest moments.

Gilded Holiday Trend from Accent Decor
Achieve a high-end look with these gilded pieces that are sure to brighten any room. Gold accents create a cozy glow while still showcasing an elegant richness that never fails to delight. 
Holiday Retro with a Twist with Accent Decor
These retro holiday designs will remind you of the good ol’ days. With a modern twist on old favorites, you can’t go wrong with these playful and homespun pieces to bring your favorite seasonal stories to life. 


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