Meet the Newest Member of our Buying Team

Meet the Newest Member of our Buying Team

Monique joined our Creative Team back in February after working as a Customer Service Specialist for Accent Decor for over 2 years. She quickly adapted to her new role and started traveling overseas to source product with our buying team. Monique brings a fresh perspective and an extensive knowledge of the floral and home accessories industries which she developed from working with our customers day-in and day-out. Let’s get to know her a little better, shall we?

What is your role amongst the AD team?

My role is to make sure we are offering our customers beautiful, modern and trendy products that cater to their needs and desires at an affordable price.

Do you have any awesome hobbies you enjoy out of work?

I am a house hunter! I can drive around and look at houses for hours. It started when I first moved to Georgia from California and my parents were looking for a house. We drove around for hours getting lost in neighborhoods and touring houses. We ended up building one and I helped every step of the way, from the carpet to the paint color. It is still something I enjoy doing today.  I love getting lost in a neighborhood and crashing open houses. I am a girl who loves good curb appeal.

What are 3 images that you think would give us a pretty good idea of your aesthetic/style? Feel free to include explanations if you want!

Honestly, my style is all over the place.  First I love color.  I am drawn to the mix of colors and patterns layered together, but done just right to where it isn’t tacky. On the opposite end of the spectrum I am drawn to the beauty in simplicity.  Anything clean and simple with just a touch of details to catch your eye. Oh and anything gold 🙂

If you could go to dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

It would be an honor to have dinner with The First Family – President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. They are so intriguing to me equally as a couple and individuals.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

“You are the catalyst to your own happiness”

The best part of waking up is…?

The best part of waking up is having another chance at life. Every time I wake up I feel like I get to hit the refresh button. It is a great opportunity to make that day better than my last. 

What’s your favorite part about working at Accent Decor, so far?

As a millennial  I can say this company is a millennial’s dream company. Accent DĂ©cor is a forward thinking company, it welcomes your opinions and talents whole heartedly to where you feel you are activie participant in its growth and they challenge you because they have set the standard so high in the industry you have to make sure you keep up and bring new ideas to the table. In my role as product manager, I love that my job is not monotonous. Every day is different – One week I can be working with our wonderful creative team developing our showroom displays, another week I can be in Paris seeing all the latest trends, or in China sourcing product.  It’s an amazing career and it is constantly pushes me to limits that I haven’t been pushed to before.

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